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(E) Papers for economic conference in Zagreb
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/20/2002 | Education | Unrated
(E) Papers for economic conference in Zagreb 

Announcement for an International Conference
Call for Papers
Unofficial Activities in Transition Countries: Ten Years of Experience
October 18-19, 2002
Zagreb, Croatia
Institute of Public Finance

Papers and abstracts should be sent to:
Katarina Ott
Institute of Public Finance
Katanciceva 5, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone 385 1 4819363
Fax 385 1 4819365

The Institute of Public Finance (IPF) invites the submission of papers for its
international conference on"Unofficial Activities in Transition Countries:
Ten Years of Experience" to be held October 18-19, 2002 in Zagreb,
Croatia at the Institute of Public Finance.

The Scope of the Conference
An international conference analyzing the size, scope, causes, consequences
and policy implications of unofficial (illegal, unrecorded, unreported,informal,
underground, hidden, shadow, parallel) activities in transition countries during
the past decade.

This conference aims to review, analyze and evaluate the lessons of the past
decade concerning the importance, causes and consequences of unofficial
activities in transition economies. To achieve a wide variety of perspectives,
we encourage the submission of original scholarly works that encompass all
types of quality research including conceptual, taxonomic, methodological
and theoretical papers, empirical studies (including efforts at replication),
interpretive research, policy oriented studies as well as new evidence derived
from experimental, survey and cross-section methods.

Although original contributions to measurement issues are welcome, the
conference aims to answer questions such as:
Why have unofficial activities been so widespread in some transition countriesand less important in others?

How did this develop? What have the consequences been?

Could we conclude that there is some pattern or sequencing in the development ofunofficial activities connected with the development of transition and reforms?

If so could we derive any policy recommendations from the experience of moreadvanced transition countries that could usefully  be offered to those thathave not gone as far along this road?

Submission and other information

Prospective contributors are invited to submit an application, abstract and CVbefore May 31 and final paper before September 30. Travel and accommodationexpenses will be paid for the authors of papers selected for presentation to thedegree to which we manage to gather funds.
Submission of complete papers or abstracts should include keywords, the fullname and affiliation, address, email, fax and phone number of the author incharge of correspondence. We strongly support email submissions. All papers mustconform to standard journal style formats. Please follow
instructions from

Publishing Opportunities
Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the journal Financijska teorija i praksa and possibly in a conference volume.

The Institute of Public Finance (IPF) has considerable experience with researchon unofficial activities. In the mid-1990s the Institute organized its firstunofficial activities research, later published in the journal Financijskapraksa 21 (1-2) 1997 and in Occasional Paper 1 (3) available at
The proceedings of the IPF's first international conference onthe unofficial
economy in transition were published in Financijska praksa 21 (5-6) 1997
and in Feige, E. L. and Ott, K. (eds)Underground Economies in
Transition: Unrecorded Activity, Tax Evasion, Corruption and
Organized Crime. Aldershot: Ashgate. 1999.
Results of the most recent research on the Unofficial Economy in Croatia arepublished inFinancijska teorija i praksa26 (1) 2002 and in Occasional Paper No. 12, 2002 also available at ""

Papers and abstracts should be sent to:
Katarina Ott
Institute of Public Finance
Katanciceva 5, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone 385 1 4819363
Fax 385 1 4819365

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