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(E) Digital Libraries
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/3/2002 | Education | Unrated
(E) Digital Libraries


Digital Library

Dear Nenad,
Here are some links that you might want to check out. They'll give you an overview of some of the projects going on right now in digital libraries. One of the really interesting things about the library community is that it is both very conservative and very radical at the same time. Conservative, because it is organized around very traditional values: preserving intellectual and cultural knowledge. Radical, because the community is committed to the open access of information. The library community shares everything it learns and develops among its members. It operates for the most part in a non-profit, non-competitive framework, even though there are a lot of problems in libraries, mainly having to do with funding.

One of the organizers of the Libraries in the Digital Age Conference, Tatjana Aparac. is going to be in the U.S in mid-November for a few weeks at a conference and giving presentations. 

All my best,

National Digital Library Project 
An ambitious project, funded by the U.S. government to digitize major library collections in the United States and to create new kinds of tools for organizing, retrieving, displaying Web materials. In its second phase.

American Council of Learned Societies E-book project 
Collaboration among scholars, publishers and librarians to put online important books of historical scholarship. Funded by the Mellon Foundation

European Union Library Projects 
Description of digital library projects that have or will be completed in Europe

Two online magazines focused on digital libraries. You can get a sense of what kind of issues IT researchers/librarians are involved in

Ariadne from the UK 

Dlib from the US 

American Library Association 
The organization's goals for the next 3 years

Knjiznicarstvo I informacijske znanosti 
Information about Croatian LIS activities


Digital library is one of the main future goals ofCROWN. 

"Knjiski moljac"  is term that disappeared.Librarians are on the cutting edge of today's technology and progress. Veryimpressive.


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