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(E) Cultural Archaeological tours
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/8/2002 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Cultural Archaeological tours


Some more pleasant news for change: Not too long ago I wrote a letter to
the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Culture suggesting that
they work out a plan to foster tourism in the U.S. for people who are
interested in visiting cultural and archaeological sites and suggested
that they inquire at the Archaeological Institute of America and the
Smithsonian Institute, who sponsor such trips, if they would be
interested in Croatia. I don't know if it is any thanks to the
Ministries, but in the newest edition (May/June) of the "Archaeology"
magazine under "Travel with AA scholars to spectacular sites around the
world" Croatia is listed twice! 

A shorter one : "Mediterranean Odyssey, Seville to Venice" Sept 13-28 
includes on a 61-cabin "expedition" ship a cruise from Spain to Venice
over Greece and Malta - "....Historic cities on the Dalmatian Coast,
including Dubrovnik and Korcula, Croatia." ..."All brimming with
fascinating and unforgettable cultures, archaeology and history."
Lecturer: Hector Williams, Professor, University of B.C. Price: $
5,490.00 plus airfare
The second one is: "From Venice to Dubrovnik: Luxury yacht program"
Oct. 22-Nov. 3
"The Adriatic's Dalmatian coastline is a wonderland of rarely visited
ancient ruins and medieval towns. (After it describes Italy's Venice and
Ravenna ) the art and architecture of Croatia, including
visits to Pula's fabulous Roman arena; Opatija's Trsat castle, ( really
Rijeka) Split for Diocletian's palace and impressive 9th century church
converted in the 9th century into a cathedral and Korcula. After nine
splendid nights aboard a luxurious and elegant 28-cabin yacht enjoy two
nights in Dubrovnik, an extraordinary World Heritage city." 
Lecturer James Wiseman, Professor, Boston U. (Price $5,275, plus airfare)

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