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(E) Svjetlana Kabalin - The Sylvan Winds at CARNEGIE HALL
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/14/2002 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Svjetlana Kabalin - The Sylvan Winds at CARNEGIE HALL

TUESDAY, MAY 21 AT 8:00 P.M.

The Sylvan Winds

Schubert is generally considered a pretty good composer &, along w/
Dvorzhak, probably the best INSTRUMENTAL melodist of them all... But even
the best can be improved upon as happened to Schubert more than once. There
are not only numerous Liszt transcriptions of his songs, but the good abbé
wandered away w/ Schubert's Wanderer Phantasy transforming it into a piano concerto!
Even Schubert himself wasn't averse to self-`improvement' as witnessed by
his incorporating that little fishy song into an entire variation movement
in one of the most popular works in the entire chamber music literature,
although using the piano & 4 strings that DO NOT add up to a string quartet...
So, THERE was a good reason for making it better by using a STANDARD
chamber group w/ piano such as, e.g. wind quintet. BUT, if you want to
blame ME for daring to meddle w/ Schubert's fiddles changing them into
whistles, while pleading guilty for the notes, can't take CR for the idea.
It all started when Kenneth COOPER, now returning for his sixth
collaboration with the Sylvan Winds with whom he first appeared in 1980, at
their initial subscription concert at Weill Recital Hall in 1983 played the
work's Scherzo as an impromptu encore - with the Sylvan Wind Quintet
reading from the original string parts...
For their customary end-of-the-season return to Weill Recital Hall in
April '987 they ASKED me (does that count as a `commission'?) to provide
the arrangement for the entire work, premičred at the time. Now, by hearing
it on this version's 2nd performance at its 15th anniversary you may come
(as I hope you will!) to hear it for yourself & let me know if I should
chalk it up to the CR or DR column of my so called accomplishments (as in
`my "so called" life'). Hoping to c y there & that YOU'll become Sylvan
Winds regulars!

TUESDAY, MAY 21 AT 8:00 P.M. in
MASTERPIECES, a Sylvan Winds program 
featuring pianist KENNETH COOPER


BRAHMS Zigeunerlieder (Gypsy Songs), Op. 103 (1888)
arr. for wind quintet & piano by Kenneth Cooper
BEETHOVEN Quintet in Eb Major, Op. 4 (1792/7)
arr. for wind quintet by Mordecai Rechtman
SCHUBERT 'Trout' Quintet in A Major, D. 667 (1819)
arr. for wind quintet & piano by Fedor Kabalin

The Sylvan Winds is pleased to present this program of 'Masterpieces'
dedicated to Florence & Martin Richman in honor of their generous patronage
and the 40th Wedding Anniversary!

WEILL RECITAL HALL is located @ 154 W 57 St
(50 steps to ze rite of ze Russian Tea Room)
Tickets are $25 & 20 / $12.50 & $10 for students & seniors. 
For further ticket information, please call (212) 222-3569

If there are others whom you think may be interested in attending, please
forward this reminder.

Hope to c ya there!

Fedor Kabalin

The SYLVAN WINDS, an ensemble devoted toexploring the literature of chamber music for wind instruments, is a naturaloutgrowth of the Sylvan Wind Quintet, founded in 1976. Based in New York City,the group is the only one of its kind to present an annual subscription serieswhich has been critically acclaimed and has been captivating audiences with itsinnovative programming. Following a concert sponsored by the Carnegie HallCorporation in 1982, the Sylvan Winds has frequently performed in Weill RecitalHall.
The ensemble has often been featured at Lincoln Center's Mostly Mozart Festival,most recently appearing in the Mozart & Prague week, having also appearedduring the Mozart Bicentennial Celebration and Haydn Marathon, as well as inAvery Fisher Hall pre-concert programs, and participating with the Festival'swinds in performances of the Mozart Grand Partita (K. 361/370a) and Handel'soriginal orchestration of the Royal Fireworks music. Chosen to perform for NewYork's Governor's Arts Awards in the fall of 1994, the Sylvan Winds have alsotoured major university and chamber music series nationally, includingperformances at the University of the Pacific, Amherst College and the RutgersUniversity Summerfest. Featured as the chamber ensemble in-residence at theWhite Mountains Festival, the ensemble performed in Korea in the spring of 1993and has also been heard on New York City radio stations WQXR, WNYC and WBAI, aswell as on National Public Radio's Performance Today.
Noted for a wide range and breadth of repertory, the Sylvan Winds have presenteda number of New York, United States and world premieres of works by suchcomposers as Gustav Holst, Gunther Schuller, David Chaitkin and Arthur Weisberg.Many of the works they perform are written for a variety of instrumentalgroupings and have included collaborations with guest artists such as conductorGerard Schwarz, the Guarneri String Quartet, pianist Claude Frank and EdmundBattersby, harpsichordists Kenneth Cooper and Gerald Ranck, singers Wendy Whiteand D'Anna Fortunato, as well as the American Brass Quintet.

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