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(E) Zoran Basich a first class SF Examiner editor
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/17/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Zoran Basich a first class SF Examiner editor


Zoran Basich, a first class, San FranciscoExaminer, editor

Publication date: 05/16/2003

Under the bridge
Of The Examiner Staff

FRIDAY, May 16 -- One of the best-kept secrets in town is the Educated Palate restaurant at 4th and Mission. It's run by the culinary students at City College. It offers top-notch food at more than reasonable prices. ... Changes are underway at the Downtown Campus of CCSF. The restaurant will move up to the lobby level next month, along with the bookstore, and will expand to 80 seats. "It's a great deal and it's a great cause," says John Konstin, owner of John's Grill -- the restaurant that serves as a shrine for Dashiell Hammett. "Dash would like the cause but the cause would have more meaning if they had a bar." ... John's on the City College Culinary Arts advisory board. ... Steve Glick is the dean. ... Edward Hamilton is the chair. The chair is happy about the new dining room set. ... 

Just another day in S.F. That's what a group of Richmond elementary school kids thought when they were taking a tour with their teachers at City Hall yesterday. As the gaggle of ogling children were marched to their school bus, a Hummer limo pulled to the curb. Emerging from the long black vehicle and stepping onto the red carpet on the City Hall steps, was the striking Yurie Pascarella, elegantly decked out in a Thierry Mugler white-on-white suit and a black, wide-brimmed hat from Neiman Marcus. She was accompanied by two pages in powdered wigs. Yurie is the chairman of this year's Black & White Ball, set for May 31. While horn players Jonah Levy, a senior at S.F.'s School of the Arts and David Matchim, from Rocklin High School, trumpeted a fanfare, Yurie presented Mayor Willie Brown his invitation to the ball. The great band leader Dick Bright tore off "San Francisco" on his white violin. Chef Melissa Perello, from Charles Nob Hill, and Ron Siegel, the chef at Masa's, distributed confections to the cognoscenti. All in attendance were attired in variations of black and white -- including Jester and Abigail, two Harlequin-bred Great Danes from Kathleen Davis' Davishire Danes in Mill Valley. ..."I am really touched by this," said Da Mayor who is not easily impressed. ... "Is this President's Day?" a wide-eyed, 10 year old Shanice Robinson asked Marites Saquing, principal of Family Christian Academy in Richmond. Every day is President's Day at San Francisco City Hall. It was just another day. ... 

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld aka Dr. Hip held a 92nd birthday party last weekend for his dad, Ben Schoenfeld, aboard Dr. Hip's 63-foot long yacht, the Higher Hopes. Gene had 45 friends aboard to watch the KFOG Kaboom fireworks. Included were KQED-FM's Michael Krasny and Leslie Krasny ... Paul "The Lobster" Wells ... KGO's Greg Edmonds ... Creon Levit ... Faustin Bray ... attorney Laurence Lichter, who is married to Nedra Ruiz, dog maul defender. ... Gene says, "We were a raucous crew. It was prudent I brought along four psychiatrists on the trip." ... They were Drs. Frank Schoenfeld ... Barbara Schoenfeld ... Alison Kershin and Nathan Cohen. ... All aboard were amazed by the 92 year old birthday boy effortlessly climbing up and down the steep, treacherous ladder to the flybridge. ... 

Wilkes Bashford celebrates his 70th birthday at the Fairmont tonight with a dinner that benefits PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support). Patty Austin will perform Broadway and cabaret tunes. ... Oprah Winfrey is in town this weekend ... More Norwegian gaieties: a Sat. night bash at the Norwegian Seaman's Church for Norwegian Constitution Day ... then a party Sunday afternoon at Ft. Mason where the traditional bl¯tkake or cream cake, will be served. Norway's Consul General Janne Julsrud will be there. ... Bodil Niska, the vivacious Norse tenor saxophonist, plays Moose's on Sunday, p.m. to 5 p.m. I hear Bodil's tone is clearer than a fjord, smoother than aquavit. "Aquavit is Swedish," Barbara Carberry snapped at me. Oh, well. It's all aquavit under the bridge. ... Elizabeth Laurence, "The It Girl," back from L.A., celebrated Mother's Day in style -- at the Bel Air Hotel where she and her daughter brunched with Hugh Jackman at the next table. "In casual clothes, white sweat top, black pants -- he looked very buff," reports Elizabeth. ... 

Speaking of buff, let's not forget the Bay to Breakers, which transforms voyeurism into a legitimate outdoor sport -- and gets this unwieldy town on its feet early Sunday morning. ... Bonnie Raitt headlines Footstock in GG Park. ... I'll be signing copies of "Bellingham by the Bay" at the nearby Examiner booth, Sunday at 9 am. ... Novelist Dale Brown has a novel way of getting to his book signings. He flies there in his 8-seater, Cessna 421. He wings in today for an appearance at the M Is For Mystery Book Store in San Mateo to promote his book, "Air Battle Force." ... A new author is Zoran Basich, who is stepping down as executive editor of The Examiner to repair to Croatia with his family and finally write that book. He is unanimously adored and respected by his staff. All of us wish him well. A first class editor, a first class fellow: I'll miss you, Zoran. Thank you, boss. ... 

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