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(E) Croatians On The Stamps Of The World
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/28/2003 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Croatians On The Stamps Of The World


Croatian Heritage Foundation

The Croatian Heritage Foundation branch from Split ( or in Croatian - Hrvatska matica iseljenika ) celebrates the 50th anniversary and because of this fastive occasion, has organized the exhibition under the title ''CROATIANS ON THE STAMPS OF THE WORLD''. The exhibition has been created thanks to cooperation of this office with the Philatelic Club ''Split'' , so the authors were the president of the club Mr. Pjero Baranovic and the chief of the Matica's office in Split, Mrs Branka Bezic Filipovic. The opening of the exhibition will be on Tuesday, July 29th 2003. at Hrvatska matica iseljenika, Nodilova 1/ II ; 21000 Split, Croatia at 20 hours. It will be inaugurated by the deputy mayor Mr Zeljko Sikirica.

As Croatian people are not numerous, it is quite surprising that the world philatelic has given them so much space. The most numerous are the stamps with the image of president Tito, who was obviously popular at his time as well as the ones with the image of the scientist Nikola Tesla. The exhibition begins with a special occasional envelope, designed by Branka Bezic Filipovic, which shows a back side of a boat full of people, which symbolically shows how Croatians were leaving their homes in the past looking for the better lives.
The exhibition is divided into sections. Some show art, literature, music, scientist, saints, sportsman and other interesting people. As for this office, the most interesting  are the scientist Ivan Vucetic from Hvar who lived in Argentina where he has invented daktiloscopic method and another one Simon Martinic from Brac who was the founder of the philatelic in Bolivia.

We can mention a couple of them more :
Franz von Supe- who was born in Split, Croatia in 1819. and studied medicine in Italy. But his love for music brought him in Wienna where he has studied music and later became a composer using Dalmatian folk music in his classical works.

Paola Preradovic, grand daughter of Croatian poet Petar Preradovic. She was born in Wienna in 1887 and she was a writer. It is interesting that she is the author of the lyrics of the hymn of the Republic of Austria.

Pope Sixtus V. who was born in Krusevica in 1520. and was a successful pope for 5 years. Nikola Tesla who was born in Smiljane, Lika in 1856. and has invented electricity. Faust Vrancic born in Sibenik in 1551, and has invented the parachute.
The exhibition will be opened until September .

Branka Bezic Filipovic

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, one of greatest inventors of all times, gave his name to tesla unit of magnetic induction in the metre-kilogram-second system of physical units. Nikola Tesla was the recipient of many awards and he refused them; among others awards he rejected the Nobel Prize too.

He left 112 different patents: electric motors, transformers, transmitters of electric energy, high frequency techniques, radio techniques, telemechanics, turbines, hydromechanics and a number of non-announced patent rights. His almost unexplored inheritance houses his papers and 70-100.000 his laboratory notes written by his own hand.

Tesla was born on July 9/10, 1856, in Smiljan (Lika). He attended elementary school at Gospic, high school at Karlovac and the prestigious Technical University at Graz. He went to work in Budapest and Paris, in 1883 he constructed his first induction motor. Unable to continue with the electric motor development in Europe, he emigrated to the U.S. in 1884. In 1887 he sold the patent rights to his polyphase system of alternating-current dynamos, transformers and motors to George Westinghouse.

Tesla had been called the genius who ushered in the power age. He died in New York City (1943).

Source: Croatian Post and Telecommunications


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