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(E) Prljavo Kazaliste - in New York Friday January 30
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/29/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Prljavo Kazaliste - in New York Friday January 30


Prljavo Kazaliste in New York

Friday, January 30 at 9 PM

That's right, Prljavo Kazaliste is touring the US and they are
performing here in NY.

Friday, January 30 at 9 PM
Croatian Center
502 West 41st Street (bwn 10 and 11 ave)
New York, NY

Advanced Tickets: 212-563-3395
At the door: 2 hours prior to the concert

Prljavo Kazaliste (Dirty Theater) was one of the first Croatian
original punk-rock bands, together with Azra and Paraf. Probably the
first that got an album out. When I was 13, there was not that many
options in Croatia: I could choose between Srebrna Krila (an
equivalent of N'Sync) and Prljavo Kazaliste. I remember wearing their
button on my jacket for about a year (until me and my friends started
our own punk band and started wearing our own buttons). Ok, they
migrated from old school mellodic punk of their first album very soon
to pecuniary more satisfying styles. By the 1990's they were all too
mellow for me, lead singer left, so Jasenko Houra (guitarist and song
writer) started singing himself. Not bad, but never again the same.
Than he made a song about his mom, calling her Ruza Hrvatska
(Croatian Rose). That at time when such use of adjective Croatian in
a pop song was viewed as highly provocative. You could hear it only
in banned songs anyway. In the original recorded lyrics word
"Croatian" appears exactly ONE time (at live performances it was
repeated ad nauseam, of course). Provocation worked marvels for the
sagging sales. Also, it showed Houra's brilliant marketing prowess -
as the Yugoslav market disappeared destroying livelihood of many
Zagreb, Sarajevo, and Belgrade rock bands, he made a song that would
profile him as a patriot, and help him sell his records in the years
to come.


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