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(E) Need information right away - female Croatian composer
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/28/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Need information right away - female Croatian composer


Female Croatian composer ?

Dear friends:
As you may know, I'm very interested in the art music of Croatian
composers. I think that this excellent music is neglected only through
ignorance and once it is generally known, that it will begin appearing
in concert halls more and more often.
I have just received information that a book by Dr. Anne Gray is
about to go to the publishers. It is entitled The Popular Guide to Women
in Classical Music. This will be a reference book for musicians in
libraries and music schools all over the English speaking world. There
were only four Balkan names, identified as Yugoslavian. The friend who
sent me the information asked if any of them were Croatian. As it turns
out, they were not. I asked if Dora Pejacevic was listed in her book.
She is not. In fact, not even ONE female Croatian composer is listed in
this book.
Please, if anyone has information about any female Croatian
composer of art music for either voice or any instrument -- PAST OR THE
PRESENT -- please either let me know at , or email Fran
Irwin at . Fran is Croatian-American and she alerted
me about this upcoming book. We are both appalled that a book of this
scope could come out without mention of any Croatian.
Thank you for your help,
Srdacno, Suzanne Lord



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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Frances Irwin, Ed.D.)

    Hello - Dr. Anne Gray did a monumental book about women in classical music. It is about 1100 pages, divided into five sections and well researched to the extent of her resources. It represented about ten years of work. The book was already published when I saw it, and unfortunately there was no way to add Croatian women composers. There are American women, and no doubt others, who now should be included in the book. Perhaps an addendum could be assembled and pubished? It would be timely. Research should be ongoing.
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