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(E) "Unprecedented" at the Healing Earth Resources
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/7/2004 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) "Unprecedented" at the Healing Earth Resources


"Unprecedented" at the Healing Earth Resources

"Rep. Danny Davis and six other Reps have called for UN election monitors
for the Nov 04 elections."
If you do laugh at this, please come to our event to see how it is so

What : "Unprecedented" screening (50 min)
The 2000 Presidential Election: the riveting story about the battle for the
Presidency in Florida and the Undermining of democracy in America. Produced
and directed by Robert Greenwald, who is also a producer of "Uncovered."

When: July 14 (Wed) 7:15 pm
Where: Healing Earth Resources
3111 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago
Room open: 7:00
There will be an opportunity for discussion following the video

Suggested donation: $2.00
Contact Lora

(if you would like to have this movie shown in your center please contact
"Friends of the Green Planet"  or
or contact Mirna at: )

John Petrakis, Special to Chicago Tribune: Nov 21, 2003. pg. 4:

"Unprecedented" (***), which screens Sunday night at the Gene Siskel Film
Center, is a direct, organized 50-minute video about the maneuvers behind
the 2000 presidential election--specifically in Florida, which proved to be
the decisive battleground.
Co-directors Richard Ray Perez and Joan Sekler focus on Florida's Republican
Party, led by Gov. Jeb Bush (George W.'s brother) and Secretary of State
Katherine Harris, who had worked on George W. Bush's campaign. Some of the
alleged revelations are new, while others have been addressed before. They
include the purging of select voters from the registration rolls
(African-Americans and convicted felons), the cancellation of votes from key
districts (senior citizens confused by the butterfly ballot), the inclusion of
late absentee ballots (overseas servicemen who went strong for Bush), and the
role of the three Supreme Court justices.
In an attempt to suggest even-handedness, the filmmakers also castigate the
Gore campaign for choosing select counties for the recount, instead of
allowing the whole state to be recanvassed. Ironically, the video suggests,
this attempt to up the odds of his election proved to be Gore's ultimate
At a scant 50 minutes, "Unprecedented" is unable to elaborate on the more
complex arguments or provide extensive rebuttal, but it is plenty long
enough to skewer the electoral process.

IL4Kucinich home page:
National Website:

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