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(E) NFCA - Press Release March 25, 2003
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/30/2003 | Community | Unrated
(E) NFCA - Press Release March 25, 2003


1329 Connecticut Ave, NW
Washington,DC 20036

Dear NFCA Member:

The NFCA had a successful year of accomplishments in 2002, and this year
promises to be even better. However, our continued success is contingent
upon the generous contributions and support of our individual members.
Now more then ever, as we approach our National Convention, we need you
to contribute your 2003 membership dues, if you have not done so
already. At this time we are asking for an additional contribution to
the NFCA in order to keep our lobbyist, Joe Foley, on retainer through
the spring. He has been very instrumental in obtaining increased
economic aid to Croatia. A contribution of $200 or higher would make you
a silver donor and a key reason why we will have a successful year once

We have raised almost $17,000 through the fundraising efforts of Erik
Milman, our Development Director, who has been working with us since
November, 2002. Erik has brought new energy and enthusiasm to our
organization through his focused efforts on fundraising and membership
development. He has created a database for the NFCA with the names and
addresses of over 2,000 Croatian Americans as part of his ongoing
initiatives for the NFCA. We would very much like to keep Erik on board
full time with NFCA. However, this can only be accomplished with your
generous support.

On another note of pride for our community, Erik was the Campaign
Manager for the Tell The Truth Committee that played a key role in
defeating Helen Bentley's campaign for Congress.

Our Tenth Annual Assembly of Delegates will be in Washington, D.C. on
May 30 - June 1. This promises to be an exciting Convention with a
dinner at the Embassy and special guests, including members of Congress.
You can be part of all these events as a Delegate. The NFCA Executive
Committee can appoint ten at large delegates who must be dues paying
members of the NFCA.

If you have any friend who would like to donate or become a member,
please call Erik Milman at 202-331-2830.

Thank You,

John Kraljic     Steve Rukavina       Andrew Jezic
President         Past President         Treasurer

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