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(E) Host a Croatian College Student
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/3/2002 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E) Host a Croatian College Student



About 6 months ago, I began working with Dr. Matko Marusic of the
University of Zagreb to assist Croatian high school students who wish
to spend 2 to 4 weeks visiting the U.S. In fact, we established a
basic web page: These visits have
been extremely rewarding for both students and host families.

Recently, Dr. Marusic contacted me regarding a Croatian college
student, Tihomir Matecevic, who would like to spend a month living
with a U.S. family this summer. Although his English is weak, he is
eager to learn. He comes from a relatively poor family in Slavonia,
and now lives in Zagreb where he studies Physics. He is able to pay
for his airline ticket, but is understandably short on cash and would
like to earn his keep and a little pocket money while here. Perhaps
the ideal situation would be a family who could use help around the
house caring for children or the elderly or with general housework or
yard work.

If you or someone you know is interested in hosting Tihomir or in
simply learning more, please contact me at
Please pass this message on to others as well. Hvala vam.

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