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Happy Easter 2021 to all and to your dearest!
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  04/3/2021 | Entertainment , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Great variety of Easter customs in Croatia

Andrija Maurović (1901-1981), Croatian painter, 1938

Easter Greeting cards with Croatian national costumes, painted by Zdenka Sertić

We present Easter customs by Croatian greeting cards from the mid-20th century (Zdenka Sertić, Andrija Maurović, Zlatko Šulentić, etc.) to contemporary photos from 2021 (Snježana Božić). A variety of customs refer to Easter eggs, blessing of food, kissing of the Cross, etc. Most of the cards were provided by HKD Napredak (Croatian Cultural Society Advancement) of Bosnian Croats in Zagreb, as well as by Mrs. Snježana Božić and her father, who are using an interesting technique brought to Croatia by their grand-parents from Slovakia.

Zdenka Sertić 1899-1986: Uskrs u Šestinama - Easter in Šestine
Many thanks to Dr. Mladen Ibler, Denmark, for sending me this beautiful photo.
Šestine is a small village, now a part of Croatia's capital Zagreb.

Andrija Maurović, Croatian painter, 1939

Andrija Maurović, Croatian painter, 1940

Andrija Maurović, Croatian painter, 1938

Andrija Maurović, Croatian painter, 1938

Gabrijel Jurkić (1886/1974), Croatian painter, Kissing of th Cross during a Holly Mass in Bosnia in 1940
Karlo Mijić (1887-1964), Croatian painter (born in Bileća), Blessing of food during a Holy Mass in Bosnia

Otto Antonioni (1892-1959), Croatian painter, Long Live Croatia

Otto Antonioni, Croatian painter, Blessing of food during Holy Mass in Tovarnik

An Easter custom of eggs decorating in environs of Petrinja, 1938

Snježana Božić, 2021, Easter eggs decorated with Croatian interlace and Glagolitic letters, using a technique originating from Slovakia.

Yoko Nishii, Japan (Ise), with Croatian pisanice (Easter eggs), a gift by Snježana Božić from Koprivnica, Croatia

Yoko Nishii has several interesting gifts from Croatia in her home in Ise. The rabbit is from
the city of Sisak, Croatia, made by Mrs. Marina Lavrnja as a stained glass art in Tiffany Technique.

Zlatko Šulentić (1893-1971), Croatian painter, women arriving to the Holy Mass for their food to be blessed

Croatian and Ukrainean Easter Eggs - pisanice, by Annette Hricko Czupylo, photo by Vladimir Novak.
Pisanica on the left is decorated with centuries old Croatian Coat of Arms.

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