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Sanja Falisevac Croatian sculptress and poet enriching us with her deafblind world
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  06/23/2018 | People , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
No sight, no hearing - only tactile communication being left

Sanja Fališevac, deafblind Croatian artist and poet, in her artistic studio in Zagreb

Sanja Falisevac, born in the city of Požega east of Zagreb, began to portray at the age of 14, when she was already completely blind and deaf. She remembers from her childhood beautiful pictures of snow under sunset and Christmas. Her mother used to play with her by writing letters with her finger on her back, which Sanja easily recognized. She now communicates with the outer world in a similar tactile way, by writing on her palm.

Her sculptures reveal her as a born artist, and she is now a member a the Union of Professional Croatian Artists. According to her own description, although being blind and deaf, she sees the outer world very clearly in her mental pictures and communicates by using touch. She is a perfect example for all those who think that their life is difficult.

Her contact is

Sanja Fališevac
Trg bana Jelačića 15
10000 Zagreb


++385(0)1 24 50 767


Mrtve stvari
beskrajni mir
kojem su oduzeli moć
obojena srca;

izvor i vječnost nad prirodom,
pored prolaznika

Kamen boli, grafiti,
kažu li, kao katedrala,
u vatrometu sutrašnjice?

Možda imaju glas
male knjige kad ih otvoriš
ili ne govore ništa
kao ni prolaznici
obojenog osmjeha.

Sanja Fališevac
Source: Sanja Fališevac, Kairosov cuperak, skulpture / Kairos's Lock, sculptures [PDF]
In Croatian and English
Published by Croatian Guide Dog and Mobility Association

Sanja Fališevac: An Angel

Sanja Fališevac: Horse head

Sanja Fališevac in her artistic studio

Sanja Fališevac: Dancer

Tactile communication of Sanja Fališevac, by writing letters on her palm using index.

Sanja Fališevac: Water drop on my palm

Sanja Fališevac by her sculpture of a dog guide for the blind

Sanja Fališevac at the opening of an exhbition of her works of art.
On the left Professor Tonko Maroević, of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Sanja Fališevac touching sculptures of Mrs. Vanda Bilinski (PhD in Chemistry, on the right) in the Šenoa House, Zagreb, on 2nd June 2018.

Sanja Fališevac seeing the sculputres by her touch (tactile seeing)

Sanja Fališevac at a workshop directed by Mrs. Vanda Bilinski (standing),
organized in the garden of the Šenoa House on 9th June 2018. Photo by the courtesy of Mrs. Jasmina Reis.

Sanja Fališevac at the opening of an exhibition of love letters kept in the Šenoa House,
exchanged between August Šenoa (1838-1881) distinguished Croatian writer, and his beloved Slava pl. Ištvanić, his future wife.
Besides in Croatian, some of the letters have been written in French!

Many thanks to Mrs. Jasmina Reis, curator of the Šenoa House museum for having organized this wonderful meeting on 20th June 2018.

A moment after this photo has been taken, the second author of this text approached to Sanja and typed on her palm the following two sentences:
Second from the left is Mrs. Slavka Pavić, distinguished Croatian photographer, at the age of 91.

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