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Help needed with crowd funding a Croatian translation of the book "Health at Every Size"
By Marko Puljić | Published  03/17/2018 | Education , Charity | Unrated
18% of population in Croatia suffers from one or more eating disorders

I am trying to rise funds necessary to acquire copy rights, translate to Croatian, and publish a book "Health at Every Size"€ť by Linda Bacon Phd. This book inspired a new, groundbreaking program of the same name, meant for treating non-specific eating disorders, practiced in the Psychiatric hospital Sveti Ivan in Zagreb, Croatia. While program itself is financed by the hospital, they have no funds available for the book translation. Every participant of the program, and also every other person struggling with any eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and non-specific disorders) would greatly benefit from having the book available in their mother tongue. Estimations are that 18% of population in Croatia suffer from one or more eating disorders, 2% are diagnosed thus far.

Your story

But, who am I? My name is Jasna, and I am one of the participants of the program. I am overwhelmed at how helpful this program is. It changed my life and gave me hope that I too can be helped. I've been in the program for 3 months and my overall health, both physical and mental, improved significantly! I am so VERY grateful to Center for eating disorders BEA, a non-profit organization that provides support and educations for people afflicted, for initiating the program. I am also so grateful to the hospital for adopting it. Several very enthusiastic experts in the field (nutritionists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists) work diligently helping everyone who seeks help, and also in spreading awareness about this hugely unrecognized problem.

Where will the money go?

I am a translator myself, and I saw my opportunity to contribute. I already started with translation and I decided to donate most of my work because this project is very close to my heart and my gratitude is immense. We consulted some translating agencies and my asking price is only 1/5 of the price others are asking for.

However, copy rights, proofreading and publishing cost some money too, so we estimated the total cost to about 3000 EUR.

Should we collect less, the money will go for copy right and proofreading, and translation will be paid only if we collect sufficient amount.

If, however, we get more funds than we need, the excess will go to Center BEA for their support groups and educational workshops.

Help us succeed!

If you know anyone afflicted by any eating disorder, this project is something you would want to support.

If you have Croatia in your heart, for whatever reason (you live(d) here and love people here, you have family here, you have ancestors from here), or just want to help any worthy project, this one is for you.

Please donate if you can, but even if you can't, share this link on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network! Thank you!

To donate visit:

Formatted for CROWN by Marko Puljic
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