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Sinkovic brothers win gold medals for Croatia in Double Sculls at 2016 Olympics in Rio
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  08/12/2016 | Sports , Education | Unrated
Martin and Valent Sinković dominant figures in Double Sculls: double world champs and double European champs

29 consecutive wins during two years! (from June 2014 till October 2016)

CROATIA'S MEN'S DOUBLE SCULLS (M2X) winning in the FINAL 2016 World Rowing Cup II in Lucerne, Switzerland

M2x world record by Sinkovic brothers, Croatia, in 2014 Rowing World Championship semifinal

Video Analysis M2x Olympic Champions the Sinkovic Brothers

Martin and Valent Sinković won gold at the Olympic Games in Rio

Croatian rowers Martin and Valent Sinkovic on Thursday won the gold medal in the Men's double sculls at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Lithuanians Mindaugas Griskonis and Saulius Ritter had to be happy with the silver, while the bronze went to Norway's Kljetil Borch and Olaf Tufte.

Brothers Martin and Valent Sinkovic won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in London four years ago, rowing in the Men's quadruple sculls together with Damir Sain and Damir Martin.

Since starting to compete in the double sculls in June 2014, the Sinkovic brothers have won 29 races in a row. In other words, they were unbeaten  during more than two years!

This is Croatia's second gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro after Josip Glasnovic won the gold in the Men's trap.

The Sinkovic brothers have another five medals from world competitions (4 golds and 1 bronze) and three medals at European championships (2 golds and 1 silver).

Source HINA

Martin and Valent Sinković

Braća Sinković na Peruči i Rami 2015

Valent and Martin Sinković with Janica Kostelić, the greatest female skier in the history of this sport.
On the right Manuela, Martin's wife.

Braća Sinković na Peruči 2014

Croatian corner in Rio: Manuela cutting the tart for Olympic champions

An interview of Valent and Martin Sinković for CNN.

Three legends of Croatian sports: Valent Sinković, Janica Kostelić and Martin Sinković.

Ante Bralić, amazing trainer of brothers Martin and Valent Sinković.

In 2015, Nikola Bralić was proclaimed the best rowing coach in the world:

2015 Coach of the Year:
Nikola Bralic, men's double sculls (CRO)

The Croatian men's quadruple sculls followed by the Croatian men's double sculls have become synonymous with winning and leading them has been Bralic. The quad earned Croatia's first ever senior World Championship title in 2010 and then when the double of Martin and Valent Sinkovic formed in 2014, Bralic guided them on an unbeaten winning streak including World Championship titles in 2014 and 2015.


Filmed by Nikola Bralić

B I S :

Paddles decorated with Croatian Coat of Arms

A detail from Martin Sinković's marriage with Manuela in the town of Sinj in 2013.

Martin and Valent Sinković 2016 Olympic champions in Rio in double sculls

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