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Ljiljana Fruk and Marina Prijatelj of Croatian Choco Concept connecting Chocolates, Chemistry and Art
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  07/23/2016 | Science , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Molecular chocolates designed by Ljiljana Fruk and Marina Prijatelj with assistance of Technical Museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb

Dr. Ljiljana Fruk, born in the town of Krapina, Croatia, professor of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge

Ljiljana Fruk (University of Cambridge) and Marina Prijatelj, Rijeka (Croatian Choco Concept)

Chocolates produced in the city of Rijeka in Croatia are a result of joint cooperation
of Ljiljana Fruk (University of Cambridge) and Marina Prijatelj (Croatian Choco Concept)
Description in Croatian and English: Molecular chocolates were designed by Dr. Ljiljana Fruk and
Marina Prijatelj with support from Technical Museum Nikola Tesla Zagreb.

HeARTful Science

We believe that the main driving force in both science and art is the creativity. Artists create new realities, their imagination can run wild and they have a licence to experiment and push the boundaries. Scientists are not unlike artists, they just add a bit more of the analytical approach to exploration. We like to do both.

That moment when you realise that the purpose of your life might be fulfilled as the writing on the envelop says that you helped design a chocolate. And not one of them, but four! Pure ART.

Made of high quality dark chocolate, they are filled with various delicious things to reflect the taste of the 3D molecules: walnut and sage liqueur for ethanol, bits of coffee beans for caffeine, sweet dry figs for glucose and bitter chocolate for dopamine.

In collaboration with Marina Prijatelj from Croatian Choco Concept


Chocolates produced in Croatia - sweet and educative


AtelierEcostyle j.d.o.o.
Zametska 94
HR - Rijeka 51 000

Tel.  +385 98 916 0723


Ljiljana Fruk

Dr. Fruk was born in Krapina, world famous site of Krapina neanterthal in northern Croatia, but although exposed to fossils from the early age, did not go down the archaeologist or anthropologist route but went into natural sciences and studied chemistry in Zagreb. She then obtained PhD in biospectroscopy at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and then went to Germany, first as a Humboldt Fellow and then Marie Curie Fellow, to do postdoctoral research in nanotechnology at the University of Dortmund. Before coming to University of Cambridge she was research group leader at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, for 7 years, during which she also completed her habilitation in organic chemistry.  She is lecturer in bionano engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, where she works on light triggered chemical reactions, design of artificial enzymes, bio inspired materials and optoelectronic devices based on DNA and proteins. In spare time she has a habit of turning unpublishable results into art, acts as a curator of science inspired exhibitions and generally likes to engage in everything that can make chemistry more likable, such as making molecular chocolates.

Dr. Ljiljana Fruk, University of Cambridge

She says, "I am interested in science popularisation and a passionate amateur astronomer. Puzzled by any kind of intelligence, I like to investigate different routes to creative thinking. I love painting and I also wrote numerous semi-finished stories and novels that non-published yet. I followed the advice of one of my Zagreb professors, that nobody can truly be a good chemist without being able to cook. Therefore, I have brushed up my skills in a restaurant. I also mastered the skills of growing my own food and successfully demonstrated that one can have a full Mediterranean garden on a tiny balcony. I love being outdoors and plan going around Cambridge and joining some sport club, preferably one that has nothing to do with a ball."


This very interesting monograph (480 pp), published by The MIT Press, is dedicated to the area of Molecular Aesthetics,
written by a group of experts, and edited jointly by Peter Weibel and Ljiljana Fruk.

A result of fruitful collaboration between Ljiljana Fruk and Bernd Lintermann is this beautiful book entitled
"25 Molecules That Changed the World", published in 2016 by ArtTresor, Zagreb, in Croatian.

Technical Museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb hosts a very interesting interactive exhibition
dedicated to Molecules that changed the world, open until 23rd of October 2016.

The Baška Tablet, dating from arround 1100, is a famous Croatian cultural monument carved in the exotic Glagolitic Script. Here we see its replica made in - chocolate!
Congratulations to Croatian Choco Concept.

Marina Prijatelj and D.Ž. in Villa Astra in the town of Lovran, with Chocolate Baška Tablet and other
Croatian Glagolitic delicacies.

AtelierEcostyle created nice chocolate models of Croatian Glagolitic Letters

Dr. Ljiljana Fruk, born in the town of Krapina, Croatia

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