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Marinko Marco Radakovic Croatian American Actor
By Marko Puljić | Published  02/18/2016 | Entertainment , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Marinko has acted with Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp
If Marinko Radakovic looks familiar, you may have seen him in recent movies and on TV. The Croatian born actor was recently seen in the Johnny Depp movie, Black Mass, RIPD, and Ted. He was also on TV in The Blacklist, Elementary, Daredevil and in Person of Interest.

Marinko attended the 2016 SAG awards and was in a recent Visa commercial featuring Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots. He is also set to appear alongside Melissa McCarthy and Matt Walsh in the new Ghostbusters reboot directed by Paul Feig coming out in July 2016.

Marinko Radakovic at the 2016 SAG Awards.

Marinko (Marco) Radakovic was born in Zagreb, Croatia. He grew up in a middle-class family in a suburb of Zagreb called Dubrava. A very athletic child, at a very early age, Mr. Radakovic discovered he had both a passion and a talent for soccer. At the age of 14, he was selected for the National Team. In high school, Mr. Radakovic's passion for soccer only increased and he began to take his sport very seriously and he led his school to a national title along with some world famous international players (such as Alen Peternac of Real Valladolid and Zvonimir Soldo of Stuttgart).

After finishing high school, Mr. Radakovic played professional soccer while attending the University of Croatia Law School. However, his studies there were never completed, due to the war. After serving in the war and completing his military service, Mr. Radakovic moved to the United States in the mid-90s. His primary reason for moving to the States was to play professional soccer. After spending 1.5 years with the U.S. professional team, Mr. Radakovic suffered a career ending injury.

Aware that he had a keen eye for business and sales, having been the top sales employee in Europe's Ugo Corporation,(Zagreb) Mr. Radakovic earned multiple degrees from a Massachusetts university. After being discovered by a scout, his business acumen helped parlay Mr. Radakovic into the modeling and acting industry where he has worked for the past 8 years, the past few being especially successful. Some of the movies in which Mr. Radakovic has been in are as follows: "Knight & Day" with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, "Mall Cop" with Kevin James, and "Pink Panther 2" with Steve Martin and Andy Garcia. He recently finished filming his second film that starred Kevin James. Mr. Radakovic also had an appearance in the highly successful "Body of Proof" television series which averages 11 million viewers per week. Mr. Radakovic was just nominated to compete as Cosmopolitan Magazine's "Most Eligible Bachelor," with the winner appearing in the 2011 November issue of the magazine. He is signed with modeling agencies across the United States in cities such as Boston, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Mr. Radakovic is an American citizen and resides on Boston's North Shore.


Marinko Radakovic with comedian Matt Walsh at the 2016 SAG awards.

(R-L) Alan Thicke and Marinko Radakovic on the "Jack and Triumph Show".

Photos courtesy of Marinko Radakovic.

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