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Sandra Perkovic discus throwing star of Croatia dominating the world scene from NY to Doha in 2015
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  06/23/2015 | Sports | Unrated
The European Champion, the Olympic champion and the World champion

Sandra Perković winning at the Diamond League in New York, USA ... well as in Doha, Quatar, and at many other competitions.

The top 5 of the Women's Discus Throw at the 2015 adidas Grand Prix in New York, member of the IAAF Diamond League

  1. Sandra Perkovic (CRO): 68.44 m
  2. Yaimi Pérez (CUB): 65.86 m
  3. Mélina Robert-Michon (FRA): 62.77 m
  4. Shanice Craft (GER): 62.69 m
  5. Gia Lewis-Smallwood (USA): 61.44 m

Croatian discus thrower Sandra Perkovic is now just one victory away from capturing the overall Diamond Race title.

Perkovic unleashed a massive throw on her first attempt. Her 68.44m throw was just four centimetres shy of her own meeting record. It was also her fifth straight victory this season and her third victory over the past 10 days.

“Three Diamond League meetings in 10 days – this is exhausting. But it’s still fun, I love my job,” said the world champion.

Perkovic was happy with the winning mark too, but she has something bigger in mind for the IAAF World Championships.

“I want to defend my title and, hopefully, throw over 70 meters,” said Perkovic. “I want to change a few small things in my technique. For example, to increase the speed of my spin.”

The Olympic champion explained that she rolled her ankle while doing jumping exercises in training. But now that her foot has healed, she is ready to put more power into her spin phase.


Sandra Perkovic, who is also the world champion, has already thrown beyond 70 metres this season, reaching 70.08m at the Croatian winter championships, a throw exactly one metre shy of her career best.


The top 5 performances of the Women's Discus at the Doha 2015 IAAF Diamond League Meeting

  1. Sandra Perkovic (CRO): 68.10
  2. Nadine Müller (GER): 65.13
  3. Dani Samuels (AUS): 64.45
  4. Yejateruba Strijiva (RUS): 64.33
  5. Nekuba Rivert-Michon (FRA): 62.45

The top 5 of the Women's Discus Throw at the 2015 Sainsbury's Birmingham Grand Prix, member of the IAAF Diamond League

  1. Sandra Perkovic (CRO): 69.23 (MR)
  2. Dani Samuels (AUS): 64.89
  3. Mélina Robert-Michon (FRA): 63.23
  4. Nadine Muller (GER): 62.55
  5. Julia Fischer (GER): 61.98

Winning personality of Sandra Perković

Sandra Perković and Ivica Kostelić in Zagreb. Photo by Ronald Goršić.

Sandra Perković and Blanka Vlašić, two Croatian ladies representing the contemporary world athletic scene.
Photo by Pixell.

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