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Help Portal Dobrote feed schoolchildren in Croatia
By Marko Puljić | Published  04/14/2015 | Charity | Unrated
Raising hope, empowering dreams by helping feed Croatian schoolchildren


Raising hope, empowering dreams by helping feed Croatian school children.

The indiegogo campaign 'No Child Left Hungry & No Person Left Powerless' for hungry Croatian school children created by Tajci, has successfully closed. The campaign for America, Canada and Australia was created by Tajci after the women behind Portal Dobrote reached out to her for help in January 2015, to raise money for hungry children and to help bring greater awareness to the issue.

The women behind Portal Dobrote: sisters Sanja, Tanja and Josipa Bijonda snd close friend Petra Mikic

Tajci, who had finished recording the song 'Uzorita', lyrics by Lara Hajdarpašić (can watch music video here) immediately felt connected to the women's plea for help. Tajci had been wanting to partner with a charity organization in Croatia for some time, and Portal Dobrote was a perfect fit! Portal Dobrote are a group of ordinary women, who started a grassroots charity in response to the despair Croatian families are experiencing. With Tajci's support of bringing more exposure to the issue, Hrvatska Radio i Televizia also came forward to show support for the cause and became media sponsors for Portal Dobrote, featuring the women on their programs and following their progress.

The results of the campaigns are amazing. After 3,000 emails, hundreds of phonecalls, countless media posts, AND to all the generous people who contributed to the campaign 'Da niti jedno dijete u Hrvatskoj ne bude gladno' in Croatia and the extension of that campaign 'No Child Left Hungry & No Person Left Powerless' for America, Canada and Australia, 765 children have been helped for this school year!!!

As of Friday, 10th April Portal Dobrote had received HRK 229 thousand in donations.

Students from the following schools have received help -

13,861.58 53* Mate Lovrak O.S. Petrinja Sisačko-Moslavačka
3,250.00 10 Lovas O.S. Lovas Vukovarsko-Srijemska
40,095.00 99 Julija Bešenića O.S. Ilok Vukovarsko-Srijemska
10,200.00 34 Ivana Brlić Mažuranić O.S. Strizivojna Osječko-Baranjska
10,530.00 13 Vladimira Vidrića O.S. Kutine Sisačko-Moslavačka
15,000.00 25 Jasenovac O.S. Jasenovac Sisačko-Moslavačka
18,495.00 83 Sunja O.S. Sunja Sisačko-Moslavačka
9,968.00 14 King Tomislav O.S. Udbina Lika-Senj
6,300.00 20 Tovarnik O.S. Tovarnik Vukovar-Syrmia
12,425.00 35 Mikleus O.S. Mikleus Viroviticko-Podravksa
14,480.00 46 Davorina Trestenjaka O.S. Hrvatska kostajnici Sisačko-Moslavačka
6,110.00 26 Vladimira Nazora O.S. Komletinci Vukovarsko-Srijemska
7,285.00 31 Vladimira Nazora O.S. Nova Bukovica Sisačko-Moslavačka
3,250.00 10 Suna O.S. Sunja Sisačko-Moslavačka
9,135.00 58 Ivo Kozarcanin O.S. Hrvatska Dubica Sisačko-Moslavačka
2,475.00 9 Komarevo O.S. Komarevo Sisačko-Moslavačka
12,000.00 86 Mladost O.S. Lekenik Sisačko-Moslavačka
28,812.00 98 Novska O.S. Novska Sisačko-Moslavačka
3,180.00 15 Vodinci O.S. Vodinci Vukovarsko-Srijemska
226,851.58 765      

O.S. = Osnova Skola - Elementary School
*an additional 7 students received lunches thanks to individuals donating directly to the school.

Unfortunately, there are still some children on the waiting list, and Portal Dobrote are a few thousand Kuna short of helping two other schools who requested help for remainder of this school year - 2014/2015. If you are in Croatia, or can easily donate to a Croatian bank account, please consider donating directly to Portal dobrote's Croatian bank account -

Erste banke
IBAN: HR5924020061500035096
Account name: Humanitarna udruga Portal dobrote,
Bank address: Trakošćanska 21, 10000 Zagreb.
Please state reason for deposit as – “za akciju Da niti jedno dijete u Hrvatskoj ne bude gladno”

In April 2015, the Croatian Minister of Social Welfare announced a tender process to grant money to humanitarian organizations to provide lunches for school children who do not qualify for school free lunches, but parents cannot afford them, for the 2015/2016 year. Portal Dobrote will be submitting their application to the Minister of Social Welfare by the deadline date of 20th April, 2015. Currently, Portal Dobrote expect to have children from more than 50 schools from around Croatia who they will seek to obtain funds for.

The picture caption reads "Here have half of my sandwich. I'm hungry. Thank you very much!"

Formatted for CROWN by Marko Puljic
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