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Jad Marinovic Australian of Croatian roots champion in kettlebell lifting
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  03/25/2012 | Sports , People , Education | Unrated
Founder and sole owner of "Kettlebell Athletica" Australia's 1st exclusively dedicated commercial Kettlebell Studio/Gym

Jad Marinovic. Jad is the short form of her Croatian name Jadranka.

GSAA Competition @ Kettlebell Athletica 5th Dec, 2010 Jad Marinovic Kettlebell Power Juggling to Music

Basic Russian Power Juggling with 8 kg bell - JadJuggling freestyle for fun & variety
Kettlebell Juggling skills are practised competitively to music - somewhat akin to Olympic rhythmic gymnastics

Jad Marinovic Kettlebell Sport Snatch Relay 2 minutes 16 kg 61 reps L31 R30

Jad Marinovic Gold CMS in Biathlon in the 60 kg 16 kg category, Las Vegas

12/06/2011 Italian Girevoy Sport Marathon Championships (Kettlebell Marathon) Australia's 1st International Girevoy Sport Marathon Champion Jad Marinovic wins highest title and sets new record competing with the 16 kg in the 1 hr Marathon eventat the Italian Girevoy Sport Federation Marathon Championships in Milan, Italy. To achieve this she performed the number of repetitions required which was 500 repetitions in 1 hour to qualify for the Master of Sport International Class ( MSIK) Rank corresponding to her weight class which is 60 kg in the 1 hour Kettlebell Marathon discipline She performed 546 reps with 16 kg in I hour setting a new record in Italy. Jad Marinovic is also the first Australian to compete in a Kettlebell Marathon

(This is a 'virtual' competition result)
16 KG Kettlebell Half Marathon (30 minutes without stopping):-  Jadranka Marinovic (Australia) -- the winner of the 1st World Olympiad in Kettlebell lifting marathon: "Alternating Jerk with 1 arm". She performed 523 repetitions with 16 kg in 30 minutes without stopping. --  achieving a world record in the "International confederation of weights lifting masters" federation in her weight class. (This event was the First World Olympiad of weights lifting masters.)

Australia's 1st Kettlebell Sport Team - Team GSAA (Girevoy Sport Australia Association)

Jad Marinovic

Jad Marinovic is as strong, tough and committed as they come!  She has high ambitions both as an athlete and coach.  Jad has traveled to the USA and Europe to compete and also learn from the best, attending the IKSFA St. Petersburg Elite Kettlebell Training Camp in Russia becoming Australia's first female certified IKSFA Kettlebell Sport Coach.  She is not daunted at the prospect of hard training under Russian coaches, and already she has shown she has what it takes to mix with the very best. This combined with establishing and running Australia’s first dedicated Kettlebell gym that specializes in all facets of kettlebell training illustrates her commitment to promoting quality kettlebell lifting in Australia.

She is a powerful all-round GS athlete, not just adept at the traditional competition lifts.  Jad recently made history becoming Australia’s first international Girevoy Sport Marathon Champion in Milan, and is also head and shoulders above anyone else in this country in kettlebell power juggling. In fact she is close approaching the skill set necessary to be world class. A recent public performance can be seen below.  Moving powerfully and gracefully in all planes of motion, she has the ability to entertain as well as educate, and Jad is an absolute inspiration to others when it comes to her commitment, focus and generosity.
What is your training background? Were you a sporty child?

Since childhood my lifestyle has always revolved around exercise, strength training and dancing. I started conventional strength training at the age of 15.  I also have ten years experience in group exercise/fitness instructing, and had dance and gymnastics training during my childhood.  In addition, I also have two years Martial Arts training experience, and as a teenager joined in cross-country running.  Before discovering the kettlebell my goal had been to compete in a body building competition; and I have entered Kung Fu competitions in the past, but I decided to discontinue due to the risk of injury.

It was in 2007 when I first picked up the Kettlebell I never looked back –  I have always loved training with weights and with kettlebells it’s really an obsession!  I made a commitment to learn everything there is to know about the kettlebell and so ever since I have been training with kettlebells and odd object lifting.

How did you get into girevoy sport?

When I started training with my coach Phil Kourbatski he always challenged me with kettlebells, and my strength and conditioning literally went through the roof in a very short period of time.  I was stronger than ever swinging 56 kg and doing the Turkish Getup with 28kg.  I really loved the challenges as well as the high repetition lifts for cardio.  It was in early 2008 that I performed 200 repetitions with 12 kg one hand switch and also did one hour-long cycle 600 reps without putting the kettlebell down.  I found out about the sport in 2007 and wanted to compete sooner but my first priority was to open up Australia’s first dedicated commercial Kettlebell gym.  When I was ready to commit to competing in GS my coach advised me to engage the services of an online GS coach for guidance.

Who is your coach?

Since July 2010 I engaged the services of my GS online coach Sergey Rachinskiy,HMS, MSWS, HCR, 9-time World Champion,12-time Champion of Russia., who prepares me for kettlebell sport competitions; and over the last four years I’ve been training with Australia’s renowned leading expert kettlebell instructor Phil Kourbatski, for general strength and conditioning with kettlebells and other odd object lifting.

What are some of your personal Records?

Jerk: 28 kg: 16 repetitions, 24 kg 65 repetitions, 20 kg 100 reps 10 min, 16 kg 160 reps 10 min

Snatch: 24 kg 45 reps, 20 kg 80 reps, 16 kg 160 reps 8 min

Marathon (without putting Kettlebell down), Jerk 16 kg 1 h: 546 repetitions, Jerk 16 kg 30 min: 523 repetitions

Sprint:Snatch 16 kg 61 reps in 2 minutes, Jerk 16 kg 76 reps in 2 minutes

Other Personal Records:28 kg Turkish Getup, 56 kg two hand swing for 10 reps, 60 kg barbell squat for 61 reps straight, 100 kg squat x 2, 75 kg deadlift for 35 reps straight

What do you like about GS?

Girevoy sport is the ultimate sport for me for many reasons. Training for GS is good for your health and well being and you also develop a functionally strong, lean athletic body.  It was a natural progression to want to compete because GS integrates everything I have enjoyed in the past which is my passion for strength training, my aerobics instructing which focuses on conditioning, together with my mental toughness—which is a trait of my character. I am also competitive by nature and love a challenge.

What is your current GS  rank / achievements?

I competed as a professional using a 16 kg in my very first competition and won the Gold Medal in Biathlon at the AKC Classic Championship in Las Vegas on the 6th Nov, 2010.  I achieved the rank of Candidate Master of Sport (CMS). I also achieved WKC Strongwoman Biathlon Clean and Jerk rank with 20kg

In Europe I made history becoming Australia's 1st International Girevoy Sport Marathon Champion winning the highest title and setting a new record competing with the 16 kg performing a total of 546 repetitions in the 1 hr Kettlebell Marathon discipline at the Italian Girevoy Sport Federation Championships in Milan, Italy on the 12/06/2011. For me to qualify for the Master of Sport International Class (MSIK) achievement I had to perform the number of repetitions requested by MSIK Rank which is 500 repetitions with the 16 kg corresponding to my weight category which was 60 kg in the Kettlebell Marathon 1 hr discipline. In Europe I am  the first woman to represent Australian in Girevoy Sport.  I recently set a world record in my age and weight class completing 523 Jerks with 16 kg in 30 minutes.

What are your goals?

I have so many goals which include achieving Master of Sport with 20 kg, CMS ( IUKL) to name a few, and also continue to promote kettlebell lifting in fitness, sport and power juggling.  In the long term MS with 24 kg, another Marathon

What do you like about kettlebell training?

The moment I discovered that you could train for strength as well as cardio I was very excited because the exercises and movement patterns are so much fun compared to the traditional weight training and cardio machines which I had used for years. The fact that you can train for all-round fitness, sport, and even perform power juggling to music is the reason I fell deeply in love with the kettlebell because it combines everything I enjoy into one.

Training with kettlebells delivers so many benefits including strength, fitness and flexibility which develop a functionally strong athletic body.  Also, training with kettlebells works the whole body including your core, which I can really appreciate after giving birth and suffering back pain for years.  In addition, because the kettlebell is portable and I can train anywhere it suits my busy lifestyle including juggling running my own gym and motherhood.  I used to be a gym junkie but I found out the hard way that I don't have the time anymore to spend hours in the gym and be consistent.  Although I own a kettlebell gym  I still have kettlebells in my car, hallway, lounge room, bedroom, and even at my mum’s house, and I train where and when I can at home, and at the gym, beach, or park and I even travel with my bell which is awesome.  Yes I live in a kettlebell world. A mother at school once called me “kettlebell” and I actually responded to her.

How long have you been doing GS for?

Although I combined GS sets in my training as early as 2008 and got great results, I only started training very seriously and consistently for the sport in 2010 when I engaged the services of an online GS coach.

What are your worst setbacks?

In February 2010 I had an accident six weeks before I was planning to compete in my first competition which I was hosting in my own gym “Kettlebell Athletica”!  I fell down causing a severe lower left-leg sprain and right-hand fractures which prevented me from training for 2 months and it took me another 3 to get back my fitness level.  In addition recently, in February 2011, I had another setback following a neck manipulation by an osteopath resulting in a severe strain, limited neck mobility plus a nerve impinging down my arm, all in all preventing me from training for two months and I only started training a month before I left for Europe.

You have a lot of natural strength and ability; is this a family trait and are there other strong athletes in your family?

There’s a legacy of feats of strength on my father’s side of the family so that’s why they say it is not a surprise for a Marinovic to be very strong.  For example in my dad’s town there’s a story that my relative picked up a heavy plough weighing 450 kg, and another relative had picked up a horse. My first cousin won Oceana & Australian boxing championships for the Australian Amateur Boxing Association during the 1990s. On my Mum’s side of the family my grandfather was a tennis star in Canada in the 1930s.

Power juggling is one of the most engaging facets of the sport.  Why does this aspect intrigue you?

I believe that kettlebell juggling is an entertaining performing art in its own right, and you can have fun blending artistic expression and creative movement into workouts that combine strength, power and graceful movements to music. So, considering my range of training in all of the above from dance to fitness, it was natural for me to be intrigued by kettlebell juggling. Since I discovered kettlebell power juggling I am passionate about perfecting the art and developing it more in Australia.

In your opinion, the best GS athletes display the following qualities:

Learning the correct technique, focus, discipline, mental toughness and developing all round fitness which includes special and general physical endurance, strength, and flexibility.

There are many other sports and activities available for females, why should they consider having a go at GS?

Training for GS has many benefits for women because it focuses on learning flowing graceful movement and breathing patterns that connects mind and body to develop all round fitness, such as functional strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility and power that will improve your health.  Most female GS athletes are very lean, toned and strong. What is also great about training for GS is that you can train anywhere, anytime and at any age. Also GS is both a ‘team’ sports and an individual sport offering an alternatives for women, to express their competitive edge taking up the GS challenge. The sport also includes power juggling, relay races and marathon sets which adds lots of variety as well.
Do you think GS is a good sport for teenagers?

Yes, for teenagers GS is a very good sport for many reasons. Kettlebell sport is ideal for fitness, health and improved performance that will cross over into any sport because it focuses on athletic total body movement patterns.  Kettlebells are flexible and adaptable to a person’s age and weight and are gender-friendly.  Girevoy sport involves technique, coordination, power, strength & aerobic endurance, agility and flexibility—a set of skills which will teach mental toughness, dedication, discipline and perseverance to take them through life.

Spending time with family, coffee with friends, listening to music, dancing,  going for walks, watching a chic- flick,& ‘retail’ shopping therapy,, kettlebells, kettlebells, kettlebell...


About Jad Marinovic

The goal of Kettlebell Athletica is to promote the highest quality of Kettlebell training in all aspects, for fitness, and for Girevoy/Kettlebell Sport, for the fitness enthusiasts and fitness professionals in Australia.

Jad is one of Australia's leading kettlebell instructors and is the founder and owner of Australia's first exclusively dedicated Kettlebell training facility in Prahran Melbourne, where she also sells her very own brand of kettlebells and merchandise. 

Jad is also a competitive Kettlebell sport athlete.  She currently trains trainers, and conducts presentations and Kettlebell workshops with Phil Kourbatski.  She is one of Australia's first certified female kettlebell instructors, and she has become an expert in her field by continuing to be coached by renowned leading expert Kettlebell instructor, Phil Kourbatski over the past 4 years. In addition, since 2010, Jad has been trained by Sergey Rachinskiy, 9-times world kettlebell sport champion and President and Master Coach of IKSFA, the International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy. In 2011 Jad traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia to learn and train with world champion Kettlebell sport athletes and coaches, becoming the first Australian female to receive the IKSFA Kettlebell Sport Instructor Certification from the IKSFA team there.  Jad is an IKSFA Australian representative, and coaching & competition advisor of GSAA, the Girevoy Sport Australia Association, which is affiliated with IUKL, the International Union of Kettlebell lifting.  At Kettlebell Athletica Jad has officially hosted GSAA kettlebell sport competitions for participants from all over Australia.


Kettlebell Marathon Charity Event: "MARATHON FOR MATEA"

On the 19th February 2012 the "Kettlebell Marathon for Matea" event was held after the IKSFA Australia elite Kettlebell training camp, at the  Kettlebell Athletica gym.  The IKSFA World champions coaches who had traveled from Russia for the event, Sergey Rachinskiy and Sergey Rudnev also participated in the Marathon event leading the way. Participants from the seminar and KBA students 'Lifted for Matea' together, for half and hour, without putting the Kettlebell down!!

Matea’s story:   Jad's beautiful cousin Matea Romic, from Murvice in Zadar County Croatia has been in a coma for over a year, after being hit by a car, and Jad wanted to help her and also to raise awareness about coma victims.  The inspiration for this marathon was prompted by an appeal in the Croatian newspapers made by Matea's father, Predrag Romic, following a further accident when he was hit by a car, further devastating his family.

Jad is no stranger to kettlebell marathons and the idea for staging the Marathon at her own Melbourne gym after her successful Marathon ranking in Milan Italy in 2011.  She was also inspired by her online coach Sergey Rachinskiy

Jad's determination to excel as an athlete and to promote kettlebell sport in Australia comes from deep inside, but she has also been inspired by the achievements of her 'on-line' IKSFA coach Sergey Rachinsky, whom she later met in person at the IKSFA training camp in St. Petersburg Russia in 2011.

Jad caught up with kettlebell sport athletes at gyms in Zagreb in between  the Russian event and the Milan Marathon event in 2011. It's in Zagreb that IKSFA are planning their next Elite Training event.

IKSFA, for newcomers, stands for International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy and its representatives span the globe, including in NYC.  IKSFA's coaches are the elite of the elite world champions and Rachinsky is also in the Guinness Book of Records.

The Romic family have since expressed their sincere appreciation for all the help for their daughter Matea from the marathon, raising so far  close to a thousand dollars.  Both the marathon event and the appeal can be seen on the following internet link.

Nenad Bach and Jad Marinović in Australia in 2010.

Irena Ozimec, Nenad Bach and Jad Marinovic.
Her parents are Jean and Ante Marinovic. Mr Ante Marinović is from the vicinity of the city of Zadar in Croatia.

Parents of Jad Marinović are directing Croatian Viewpoint website in Australia:

Croatian Viewpoint website of Jean & Ante Marinovic husband and wife team in Melbourne

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