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» (E) Open Society Institute: Job Opening
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 02/24/2004 | Jobs | Unrated
 Open Society Institute: Job Opening Program Associate - National Foundations in Western BalkansThe Western Balkans Department is looking for a full time Program Associateto provide program and administrative support. Responsibilities willinclude: assist with oversight of department; prepare draft of budget andmonitor monthly expenses; answer all department mail and queries; maintainfiling system; coordinate itineraries for Regional Director
» (E) Denver: Croatian Genealogy Seminar
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 02/24/2004 | Jobs | Unrated
 Croatian genealogy seminar comes to DenverHave you ever wondered about your Croatian roots? Why did yourfamily leave Croatia? Why did they choose to come to America? Howdid they live in Stari Kraj? Who were their parents andgrandparents? Did they have any brothers or sisters? Are their anyrelatives in Europe? Was your name changed at Ellis Island? Theseare the kinds of topics we will be discussing in the genealogyseminar and showing you how
» (E) Female Croatian Speaker Needed
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 12/3/2003 | Jobs | Unrated
 Croatian speaker to record a voice prompts NEEDEDHello,I am in need of a FEMALE native Croatian speaker to record a series ofvoice prompts in relation to a pharmaceutical study. This is an ongoingproject that will take place in Manhattan over the next six months. Thefirst of several recording sessions will take place TONIGHT, Tuesday,December 2, at 5 PM. If you know of someone who may be available on thatdate, please have her contact me as
» (E) Continued growth for
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 10/20/2003 | Jobs | Unrated
 Moj Posao - Jobs in CroatiaContinued growth for Moj-Posao.net21/10/2003MojPosao – your guide through Croatian job market.After 3 years of existence MojPosao has entered Internet ’maturity’. Since October 18th, 2000 when it first appeared on the Internet, with continuous growth and development MojPosao (‘MyJob’, ) has become the place where Croatian job market happens, and it has completely changed the variety of Croatian l
» (E) CFO Position at Nova Banka Zadar
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 09/9/2003 | Jobs | Unrated
 CFO position at Nova Banka ZadarCFO position at Nova Banka Zadar - please forward this to Croatiannationals that meet criteria that you know. This could be a consultingposition for a year or more or permanent...the bank is open topossibilities.In the process of restructuring Nova Banka is looking for a professionalCFO with following tasks: Working with Management Board colleagues toprovide overall financial direction to the bank. This will
» (E) Job available in leading-edge internetworks
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 07/23/2003 | Jobs | Unrated
 Career Opportunities in Telcordia Technologies Applied ResearchOur mission is simple:We will provide both commercial and military clients with the world's mostadvanced internetworking technology, engineering services, and/or products,enabling them to succeed in designing, building, and operating leading-edgeinternetworks.Position description:The work in Applied Research entails research, design, development,prototyping,and modeling and anal
» (E) NGM Looking for translators as well as experts
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 06/30/2003 | Jobs | Unrated
 The National Geographic Magazine  Lookingfor translators of the Croatian language as well as experts in the NG relatedfields.Dear Nenad,For the last 6 months I have led the efforts of bringing National Geographic Magazine (NGM) to Croatia. As a result of these efforts, I am delighted to inform you that the first issue of the Croatian edition of NGM will be on the market in November 2003.The Croatian NGM editorial te
» (H) Poslovi u Hrvatskoj
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 06/20/2003 | Jobs | Unrated
 Posao u HrvatskojCitao sam raspravu s naslovom 'BIG FAT ...', pa evo kako stvari izgledaju iz perspektive agencije za potragu za kadrovima u Hrvatskoj.Predstavljam Selectio (, najvecu hrvatsku tvrtku te vrste, a dio nase grupe je i MojPosao ( za koji ste vjerojatno culi.E sad, mi imamo dosta mandata na razini uprava (top management) i iako do sada nije bilo previse prilike za ex-patriote
» (E) Looking for Croatian Models
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 06/16/2003 | Jobs | Unrated
 Looking for Croatian Models When television host Brooke Burke of cable's E! channel asked people inCroatia what they most liked about the country, there were lots of answers:friendly natives, delicious food, pristine beaches and the oft-repeatedanswer, beautiful women. To show off to the world one of Croatia's manypositive features, CroMedia of Chicago is publishing a calendar of "CroatianWomen in the New Millennium."CroMedia is seeki

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