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» (H) Hrvatske izmedju autopoiesisa i alopoiesisa
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 09/21/2003 | Ideas | Unrated
 Hrvatske izmedju autopoiesisa i alopoiesisa Postovani!Projekt koji ima za cilj Kako povecati GNP (bruto drustveni proizvod u Republici Hrvatskoj s 20 na 100 milijardi USD pod vodstvom profesora dr. Ante Lauca s Ekonomskog fakulteta u Osijeku trazi suradnike koji zele sustavno suradjivati na ovom programu.U sklopu toga pozivamo nase gradjane u svijetu koji su voljni suradjivati, imaju znanja, dobre volje, tehnologiju, materijalnih sreds
» (E) Croatia - Impartial State. Why not !
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 04/7/2003 | Ideas | Unrated
 CROATIABETWEEN EUROPEAN INTEGRATION, WESTERN BALKAN AND IMPARTIALITYAndelkoMilardovic,Ph.D.  PoliticalScience Research Center, 1.EU INTEGRATIONSince internationalacknowledgement in 1992 until today, the Croatian foreign policy the object areEuropean integrations. That object has been emphasized and is emphasized byformer Government and by new coalition government. Despite that, until recentlythe Government didn’t
» (E) How Can We Change the Face of Croatia?
Submitted By Nenad N. Bach | Published 02/20/2003 | Ideas | Unrated
Distributed by CroatianWorld How Can We Change the Face ofCroatia?Dear friends, In response to the information that Hilda has graciously provided about the Seselj Indictment: some are happy, some are bitter. Regardless, we now must do our part to make sure that this news continues to permeate throughout the rest of the world, and does not just resonate alone within our own community. The seeds of truth are being planted-it is up t

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