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St. Anthony's Tamburica & Kolo Club in Los Angeles exists since 1960
By Heidi Granic | Published  03/7/2010 | Music | Unrated
Los Angeles Men's Glee Club sang U Boj! at Croatian Cultural Extravaganza

Happy birthday!

The year 2010 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of this ensemble at St. Anthony's Croatian Catholic Church. There, in 1960, a Croatian immigrant from Osijek, Josip Bachman, brought his knowledge and love of Croatian musical culture, and began a new tamburica and kolo tradition at St. Anthony's. The tamburica orchestra's repertoire includes excerpts from Croatian operas "Porin", "Ero s onoga svijeta" and "Nikola Šubić Zrinski", songs from Croatian light operas, semi-classics, evergreens, the folk songs and dances and popular Croatian songs from pop festivals. The orchestra performs concert pieces composed specifically for the tamburica orchestra by noted Croatian composers, including Julije Nikoš and the great Dr. Josip Andrić.


St. Anthony's Tamburica Orchestra "Croatia" of Los Angeles was founded in 1960 by Josip Bachman, a master tamburas and director from Osijek. Since then, generations of musicians have addressed themselves to Mr. Bachman's challenging and exciting repertoire: excerpts from Croatian opera and classical music, excerpts from Croatian musical theater, compositions for tamburitza orchestra, and arrangements of Croatian folk songs and dances. Under the leadership of Mr. Tom Yeseta, director since 1978, the orchestra also performs regularly for services at St. Anthony's Catholic Church, including Tom's own liturgical composition, "Hrvatska pučka misa" (Croatian Folk Mass).

The kolo ensemble's repertoire includes suites of dances from Valpovo, Međimurje, Prigorje, Konavle and Dubrovnik regions of Croatian as well as Croatian dances from Hercegovina, Bačka and Banat. The artistic director of the kolo ensemble is the accomplished dancer, researcher and choreographer Zeljko Jergan.

His cultural expertise flourished during the twelve years he served as a leading performer with the Croatian National Folk Ensemble LADO. His elaborate productions presented by the kolo ensemble attest to his training and extensive research of Croatian folklore. /See Zeljko's Bio/


Tamburica and Kolo Club Croatia has been working hard over the past decade to add to its extensive inventory of tamburica's as well as original and reproduction costumes. The most notable acquisition by the club is the six authentic costumes from Valpovo purchased for the opening ceremonies of the new Parish Center.

The costumes, instruments, library of musical scores and dance notations are stored at St. Anthony's in the Tamburica and Kolo Club's room.

St. Anthony's Tamburica and Kolo Club Croatia often perform for the Croatian-American community in Los Angeles and Northern California as well as many multicultural dance and music events.

Recent highlights of the ensemble's career include: Pope John Paul II's Pre-Liturgy Program at Dodgers Stadium in 1987, Canadian/Croatian Folkdance and Music Festivals in Victoria 1986, Calgary 1988, Winnipeg 1989, Mississauga 1999, Oakville 2002, London 2003 and Oakville again in 2004 and the 1995 and 1996 Christmas Eve Concert at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion broadcast live on the KCET network.

The orchestra has performed for the Croatian Fraternal Union's Adult Tamburica Festivals in Cleveland, Ohio in 1999, Las Vegas, Nevada in 2000, Buffalo, New York in 2001, Nashville, Tennessee in 2002, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2003 and in Chicago, Illinois in 2004.

For more information you can contact the Ensemble Director Heidi Granic at or


Los Angeles Men's Glee Club sings U Boj!
at Croatian Cultural Extravaganza, Warner Grand Theatre, San Pedro, California, USA


"L.A. Men's Glee Club" has a website: Many thanks to Ms Heidi Granic, director of St Anthony's Tamburica & Kolo Club Croatia in Los Angeles, and to Nenad Bach.


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