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Dr. Mladen Vranić in the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  01/15/2009 | Science , People | Unrated
Dr. Vranić is recognized as a global leader in diabetes research

Professor Mladen Vranić

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the 2009 Inductees.  These individuals will join the ranks of the 71 laureates who have gone before them in bringing distinction to Canada through their outstanding contributions to medical science and the improved health and well-being of people everywhere.

Dr. Mladen Vranic (Born April 3, 1930 in Zagreb, Croatia)

In a world where diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions, Dr. Vranic is colossal. Among a vast collection of awards, including several from the Canadian and American diabetes associations, Dr. Vranic has an honorary degree from the Karolinska Institute Medical Faculty in Stockholm. Recognized as a global leader in diabetes research, Dr. Vranic's journey of scientific achievement began with an invitation he received in 1963 while studying in Croatia, his country of origin. Dr. Charles H. Best, the co-investigator of insulin, was inviting him to come to the University of Toronto to be his post-doctoral fellow. This sojourn, and Dr. Vranic's ongoing devotion to training and mentoring future scientists, will be forever etched in the memory of Canadians.

"The selection of this year's candidates was both a demanding and gratifying experience for all members of the selection committee!" said Dr. Alain Beaudet, president of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and chair of the Selection Committee. "Indeed, the Canadian scene abounds with outstanding scientists, care providers and visionary builders of medicine, all of whom deserve our recognition and appreciation. This year’s inductees exude excellence, not only in their achievements, but also as exceptional human beings."
Over 500 of Canada's leading citizens will come together to celebrate the formal induction of the incoming laureates on April 29, 2009 in Montreal, Quebec.

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame is the only national organization dedicated to recognizing Canada’s medical heroes. Through an exhibit hall in London, Ontario and a national education program, thousands of Canadians gain a greater appreciation of our country's contribution to global health care, and more young people are inspired to pursue careers in medicine and the health sciences.

"I am deeply honoured and humbled to join the group of outstanding individuals recognized by the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame," said Vranic. "I would most heartily thank Canada for its vision and the University of Toronto for creating an environment in which that vision can be realized."

Source: University of Toronto, Canada

Mladen Vranic (1930) is distinguished researcher and educator in medical sciences (endocrinology and metabolism) and former chair of physiology at the University of Toronto, where insulin was discovered in 1923. He earned the title of Honorary Medical Doctor Institute, Sweden. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and a member correspondent of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

He is the only Canadian who got most prestigious awards from American Diabetes association, and 2007 inaugural life achievement award from Canadian Diabetes association.

Source: History of Croatian Medicine


Letter to the Editor of the Globe and Mail by Dr. Mladen Vranić: 

The "real story" behind the writing of General Lewis MacKenzie

(Globe and Mail July 14th, 2005, page A17)

The Economist on July 7, 2005, published a extensive article about the massacre of Srebrenica.  To quote: "There is a small flowerbed, a simple open pavilion toped by tiny Islamic crescent and a plain stone slab inscribed with an invocation, may revenge be turned into justice, may mother's tears be turned into prayers, that there should be no more Srebrenicas. 

Dignitaries from all over the world marked, on July 11th, the tenth anniversary of Europe's worst mass killing since the second world war:  the murder of up to eight thousand Muslim men and boys by Bosnian-Serb forces."  General MacKenzie describes this sad occasion "with much fanfare ceremonies focused on this massacre."  What does he mean by this word "fanfare?"  Even the government of Republika Srpska recently officially reported that between seven to eight thousand men and boys were murdered in a few days following the fall of Srebrenica.  General MacKenzie doubts this figure.  This reminds me of so many attempts to diminish the crime of the Holocaust, an issue which I’m particularly sensitive about.  

How can General MacKenzie even imply the crimes committed by the Bosnian General Naser Oric's troops raids against Serbs in the Bratunac region caused the onslaught on Srebrenica?  To compare the Srebrenica massacre with the number of Serbs killed by Oric troops seems partisan, preposterous, and certainly uncompassionate.  Most of these raids, for which Naser Oric is tried in the Hague, were committed more than 2 years before the Srebrenica massacre. 

General MacKenzie forgot the context of the aggression of the Bosnian-Serbian army with the essentially defenceless Muslim population.  The Tribunal in Hague condemned the massacre as genocide.  I'm concerned the Tribunal in Hague will have problems with their statement because General MacKenzie indicated that only men and young boys, and no women , were killed. 

As a proud Canadian, and non-Bosnian, I would try to express my disappointment on behalf of so many of my colleagues and friends, that the Globe and Mail published this article.  I would urge the editors to write an editorial responding to the article of General MacKenzie to provide, at least, minimum justice to those effected.  To quote again the Economist:  "In this place every other women lost a husband, a father, and often several sons."  

Mladen Vranic, M.D, D.Sc., FRCP(C), FRSC, professor and former chair of the department of physiology, and professor of medicine.

Formated for CROWN by prof.dr. Darko Žubrinić
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