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The Baska Glagolitic Path on the island of Krk, part 2
By Blandina Marković - Randić, | Published  09/20/2008 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
Participants from Czech Republic, Austria, and Croatia, page 2

The stones were brought near the Corinthia Hotel in Baška.

Everything is prepared before the arrival of participants of the Second International Workshop in Baška.

Branka Polonijo, dipl.oecc, president of Sinjali Society, addressing the opening ceremony of the workshop organized in the hall of the Hotel Corinthia in Baška.

From the opening ceremony on the day of arrival of all participants of the workshop: the female klapa choir Volta from the island of Krk.

Vojtěch Živný from Prague, Czech Republic, nicknamed Vojta, carving Croatian Glagolitic letter Č.

And here its is - Č finished. It is interesting the a famous Czech King Charles IV invited Croatian benedictine glagolitic monks, probably from Zadar, to the city of Prague in 1347, and built the Glagolitic convent of Emaus (or na Slovanech) near the center of Prague. The Emaus convent exists also today. For more details see here.

Vojta carved also Croatian Glagolitic letter F. Note that the origin of F is Greek.

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