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Charles Billich prepares for The Olympic Games in China 2008
By Prof.Dr. Darko Zubrinic | Published  04/16/2008 | Sports , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Croatian painter in China

Charles Billich in his atelier at his home in Lovran, Croatia, photo by Nenad Bach

Charles Billich, outstanding Croatian painter living in Australia, playing chess..., source

Inspired by the conviction that the Chinese Olympic Committee should adopt a traditional symbol as the official image of the 2008 Beijing Bid, Charles Billich created the Bing Mah Yong cycle of paintings. Best known as the Terra Cotta Warriors of X'ian, Shaanxi Province, Billich has brought an ancient Chinese icon to life through images contrasting 21st century Olympic sports and 384 BC Qin Dynasty magnificence to the glory of both. So well received has this work been that Billich's Bing ma Yong images are represented on a collection of 16 postage stamps currently in circulation in China.


Charles Billich: Bin Mah Yong Archer; source

Charles Billich: Bing Mah Yong Soccer Player; source

Charles Billich: Bing Mah Yong High Jumper; source

Charles Billich: Bing Mah Yong Swimming; source

Charles Billich: Bing Mah Yong Gymnast; source

Charles Billich: Bing Mah Yong Ping Pong; source

Sixteen Chinese postage stamps with works of art by Charles Billich
Bing Mah Yong series; source

Charles Billich: Third Time Lucky - Makybe Diva, owner Tony Santic, source
Croatian Coat of Arms

Charles Billich: Within Reach; source


Charles Billich: Beijing 2008; source

Charles Billich: Zagreb, capital of Croatia; source

Croatian Art by Charles Billich

Charles Billich: History of Croatia; source

Christmas 1991; source

Croatian Inventors by Charles Billich

Charles Billich: Andrija Mohorovičić; source

Andrija Mohorovičić (1857-1936.) Among scientists studying seismology the famous Moho-layer (or Moho-discontinuity) of the Earth is well known. It was named after the great Croatian geophysicist Andrija Mohorovičić (born in Volosko, 1857-1936), professor at the University of Zagreb. His discovery was essential for understanding the inner structure of the Earth and the behavior of seismic waves. Together with the theory of forces due to Ruđer Bošković, this is probably the greatest achievement in the history of Croatian science. Two Croatian names appear on the map of the Moon. The name of Ruđer Bošković was given to a mountain on the visible side, and the name of A. Mohorovičić to a mountain on the dark side of the Moon.


Charles Billich portraying Nenad Bach in 2005 in his atelier in the lovely coastal town of Lovran, Croatia, where Mr. Billich was born. Notice a canvas on the far right from the Bing Mah Yong series - rower.

Nenad Bach and Charles Billich in Lovran, Croatia

Charles Billich with Violi Calvert, Filipino-Australian correspondent based in Sydney, 2008

Charles Billich with Violi Calvert and Joy Casey in Sydney, 2008

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Violi)

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful images Charles Billich painted for the Beijing Olympics. At the introduction of Nenad Bach, I have had the pleasure of meeting Charles at his gallery in Sydney about a month ago. I had the privilege of speaking with him whilst watching his brilliance in action in his studio. He is certainly one of the amazing Croatians I have met in recent times.
  • Comment #2 (Posted by Jason Yu)

    Wow! nice pictures!
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