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Croatian American Cultural Center hosts 6th Annual SF Bagpipe Festival
By John Daley | Published  11/28/2007 | Events , Culture And Arts , Community | Unrated
6th Annual San Francisco International Bagpipe Festival

6th Annual San Francisco International Bagpipe Festival
December 15th $15 Donation. Children free.

An Extraordinary Anthology of International Bagpipe Music! Drone Magic is a unique festival with bagpipe music from around the world and with several pipers performing music and traditions of their own heritage. From dark laments to fiery dance music, listen to the piping traditions of Spain, Bulgaria, Scotland, Greece, Sweden, and Hungary.

Pipers: Hector Bezanis, Bulgarian Gaida, Greek Gaida Banda de Gaitas, Spanish Gaita Band Lynne Miller, Scottish Highland Pipes Ferenc Tobak, Hungarian Duda Mark Walstrom, Swedish Säckpipa The Lady Pipers: Tesser Call, Spanish Gaita Karen Guggenheim, Bulgarian Gaida Scottish Piping Ladies

As always, the Gala Concert will feature a variety of piping traditions found around the Winter Solstice. Enjoy Swedish, Hungarian and Croatian traditional Christmas pipe music as well as New Year celebrations from Scotland and the Hungarian Csángó people of Moldavia - don't forget to bring your bells, horns, rattles, and other noisemakers to join the merry-making!

4PM Mini concerts & videos
5:30PM Women Pipers Concert
7:30PM Gala Concert  

The afternoon activities include mini concerts from 4 - 6 pm, and exhibitions of paintings, photographs, bagpipes and videos. Mark Walstrom will open the Festival with a presentation of his bagpipe collections; Ferenc Tobak and his Family Band will perform Hungarian music on bagpipe and other instruments. Our feature presentation of the afternoon will be the Women Pipers Concert. This year's Festival includes the California debut of talented Hungarian painter, Mihály Jakab. Jakab brings folk motifs into his contemporary oil paintings of traditional musicians in much the same way Béla Bartók used folk melodies to compose modern music. This year's Drone Magic graphic (above) features a detail of one of Jakab's paintings. - Photographs by Ferenc Tobak taken in Eastern Europe of Hungarian, Romanian and Gypsy village musicians. - Bagpipe exhibit showing a variety of instruments from around Europe: from Italy to Estonia and from Ireland to Romania. - Videos will be shown throughout the afternoon and will include "Bulgarian Pipers" by Bruce Cochran, films from Mark Walstrom's collection, and samples from Ferenc Tobak's latest research trip.

Food and refreshments will be available for purchase throughout the Festival

December 15, 2007, 4PM- 12PM

Food and refreshments will be available for purchase throughout the Festival

Croatian American Cultural Center
60 Onondaga Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94112

For information about ongoing cultural programs sponsored by the Croatian American Cultural Center, call 510/649-0941. For door-to-door directions and a detailed map to any of our event locations, we recommend using Yahoo maps.

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