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"Philadelphia" Jerry Ricks is recovering from a brain-tumor operation in Croatia
By Vedran Joseph Nazor | Published  10/22/2007 | Friends In Action , Charity | Unrated
“Philadelphia” Jerry Ricks Benefit Concert Sunday October 28th 2007

Philadelphia Jerry Ricks in Rijeka-Croatia

"James Alley Blues"
Courtesy of Philadelphia Inquirer

A local rally for ailing bluesman

By Daniel Rubin, Inquirer Columnist
Posted on Mon, Oct. 22, 2007

"Philadelphia" Jerry Ricks is recovering from a brain-tumor operation in Croatia and has no medical insurance.

The bluesman picks a weathered Gibson, his voice as easy as sweet tea. "I seen better days, and baby I paid the rent."

Sweat glistens on his thick neck. In the background is a stack of beers - Ozujskos from Croatia. From the camera angle you can't tell how big his audience is, but it looks as if rapt young fans are sitting at his feet.

"Times ain't nothing like they used to be."

I've played the YouTube video maybe 20 times now, trying to glimpse what "Philadelphia" Jerry Ricks' life was like in the Balkans this summer before his illness. For the last nine weeks he's been hospitalized in the port city of Rijeka, recovering from brain surgery to remove a tumor that doctors say was benign.

He and his longtime partner, Nancy Klein, had moved there this summer because the audiences were appreciative and the flats cheap. Now they're stranded. In the hospital almost no one speaks English. Ricks doesn't have medical insurance. Ask Klein who will pay for his surgeries and rehab, and she gives a weak laugh.

"I don't know," she says by phone from their apartment in Matulji, an hour's bus ride from the hospital. "It's very tough. He's isolated - on an island. Every e-mail and call from friends has been incredibly important."

Those friends are about to deliver big. They're arranging a benefit for the 67-year-old bluesman, to be held at the Commodore Barry Club in Philadelphia on Sunday October 28th 2007 between 2 and 9 PM.

Bold-name buddies

David Bromberg, Shemekia Copeland and the Dukes of Destiny are coming. There will also be sets from many old friends from the days of the Philadelphia folk revival.  Former students Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman of the Hooters are sending mementos to sell. Darryl Hall and John Oates have offered an autographed guitar.

"I'd been playing guitar for 15 years when I met Jerry" in 1967, Oates recalled last week. "He was head and shoulders above wherever I was. He was steeped in the American folk and blues tradition."

While sweeping the floor, washing dishes, and ultimately booking bluesmen at the old Second Fret in Center City, Ricks had learned to play from the greats - Josh White, Mississippi John Hurt, Brownie McGhee, the Rev. Gary Davis and Skip James.

"He'd traveled with a lot of those guys, and he'd really absorbed their music," Oates said.

In an 2000 interview with The Inquirer, Ricks said, "I never tried to walk in my mentors' footsteps. And nobody ever asked me to carry on their legacy after they were gone. I just had an honest relationship with these people and their music, and I followed my nose around." That sense took Ricks overseas for most of the '70s and '80s. He would return to the States, settling briefly in Brigantine or the Mississippi Delta, but the audiences were most appreciative in Europe.

Like a hellbound train

He and Klein, his partner of 17 years, went abroad again in 2004, living wherever work was best. They moved to Croatia this summer. The illness came on fast. "He was healthy, fine, until one day in August he had a terrible headache," Klein says. "Then all of a sudden, from one minute to the next, he lost coordination."

Ricks would reach for a glass and end up waving at the air. He'd see things on the wall - books, windows, pictures - that weren't really there. After a few days, when the aspirins and compresses weren't helping, he went to the hospital, where doctors gave him an MRI. That was Aug. 22. He hasn't been out since.

"He's getting stronger by the day," Klein says. "There were times when he was like a rubber band. He couldn't move anything."

He now speaks without slurring. His vision is good. It's too soon to know whether he's suffered permanent damage. Or whether he'll be able to play again.

Ricks was booked to play in Belgium, Holland and France this fall. "It's all canceled," Klein says. Mike Miller, who has been Ricks' friend since they played together at the old Guilded Cage club, has a theory why so many people are gathering for the benefit.

"There's a purity about what he does," says Miller, who will emcee Sunday's show. "Everyone he's ever worked with is fond of him. This is a tough town and a tough business. But there ain't nobody that doesn't like Jerry."

Contact staff writer Daniel Rubin at 215-854-5917 or

THE DUKES OF DESTINY & STEVE GUYGER and Many other Philadelphia Musicians for "Philadelphia  Jerry Ricks Benefit Concert , Sunday October 28th
The Commodore Barry Club in Philadelphia


A Message from "Philadelphia" Jerry Ricks
You can't say "Thank You" for your life,
You can't say "Thank You" for helping me during ups and downs
But I can say I know who you guys are, some I've known for five decades!
So let me see how fast I can get over this and get back to see you.

Love, My way
"Philadelphia " Jerry Ricks

The Friends of "Philadelphia" Jerry Ricks Benefit Concert organizers are THRILLED to announce that Grammy Nominee and Handy Award winner, Shemekia Copeland and her Band will be performing   at the benefit concert set for  Sunday October 28th ; at the Commodore Barry Club in Philadelphia.  Also performing will be Blues Guitarist and Ex Johnny Clyde Copeland side man, Bobby Kyle.

They will be joining a long list of Jerry Ricks friends and admirers, including David Bromberg, Steve Guyger & Richard Ray Farrell, Ari Eisenger, Saul Brody & Friends (w/Kenny Ulansey & Dennis Donnelly)  The Dukes of Destiny, MoJo Stu, Rolly Brown, Mike Miller, Ted Estersohn .

There will be "Silent Auctions" throughout the day of donated items which include an Autographed Jasmine Acoustic Guitar from Philadelphia Natives John Oates (long time friend & former student of Ricks) and Daryl Hall (Hall & Oates). Two  8 x 10 Autographed Photographs from  renowned  Photographer Jef Jaisun 2007 KBA winner (keeping the blues alive) of Jerry Performing and one of him "Chatting" with Robert Lockwood Jr.  backstage at the 2002 Portland Waterfront Blues Fest. Four pairs of  (Saturday & Sunday) 2008 17th Annual Pocono Blues Festival tickets.

There will also be numerous items for sale donated by Musicians from CD's to T-shirts and a 50/50 drawing. Anyone wishing to donate items please contact Ginny Buckley at  (570)-474-5049

Seven weeks ago Jerry Ricks was diagnosed with a brain tumor while performing in Croatia this Summer; the tumor was successfully removed on September 6th th, in Croatia. Since the surgery, Jerry has gone through several setbacks, including intestinal surgery, and an abscess on the brain (which is being treated with heavy duty antibiotics)&While everyone is hopeful  and optimistic for a full recovery, his lack of medical insurance, and inability to perform musically has left Jerry in a desperate financial situation in Europe.


If you are unable to attend and wish to contribute you may send donations (checks/money orders) made to:

Friends of Philadelphia Jerry Ricks
PO BOX 1017
BLAKESLEE PA 18610Musicians wishing to participate please contact Doug Waltner at
(267)-251-8666 or via e-mail at

Volunteers are desperately needed to help run the day, Please contact Peg Waltner at (570)-646-7872 or cell at (267)- 251-5394: E-Mail:


Thanks to the information from Vedran Joesph Nazor via Slavko Brkic, I was able to talk to a Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist Daniel Rubin and consequently Doug Waltner who is organizing the concert to benefit Jerry Ricks. I am very glad that this information came to us, because I am sure that Croatians from and around Philadelphia will support this charity. If you have an item to donate for auction, bring it.  I ask as well anybody in my hometown of Rijeka to help and assist Jerry in whichever capacity they can, to show our Croatian hospitality. All the contacts are available, so if you have any questions call, email Dough Waltner or/and email Daniel Rubin for suggestions. I thank for the permission to post this story. Quick suggestion is to look into Medicaid and Medicare as well. There must be some exchange program with Europe.

Fellow musician,

Nenad Bach

Formated for CROWN by Nenad Bach
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