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Connor Vlakancic running to be first Croatian-American US Senator
By Connor Vlakancic | Published  10/30/2006 | Politics | Unrated
Vote for Connor

Connor Vlakancic

Solid reasons to support and elect Connor Vlakancic to be U.S. Senator from California.

Connor Vlakancic has consistently been working to changing federal politics since 1994.  With California as his home for most of his life, he has been a candidate for California Representative five times.  He created the original concept of the 1995 GOP Cabal of Freshman Congressman.  He has authored California Constitutional Initiative Amendments.  He constantly travels to WDC to work with federal agencies and legislator staff to advance innovative political solutions, and has invested himself in many WDC training programs to be a highly qualified elected leader.

Connor Vlakancic has developed and documented the only comprehensive solution to America's 'illegal immigrant' problem which is critical in California.  His 'Blue-Card' solution, debated on the floor of Congress, distinguishes between people committed to be a true immigrant with complete allegiance to America and those who are 'Border Busters' with only a temporary worker interest.  He has solid in-depth American Immigrant insight into American immigrant issues.

Connor Vlakancic is non-partisan and has a vision for U.S. Congress that both the Republicans and the Democrats will be reduced to 200 members each and that thirty-five non-partisan Representatives will: 'hold Congress feet-to-the-fire'.  He is committed to return America to a position of National pride and International respect. I am the non-partisan "DECLINE TO STATE" candidate for U.S. Senator. I worked to collect 160,000 voter signatures to qualify on the Nov. 7th, 2006 General Election Ballot.  While not achieving this, I did collect the required number of voter signatures to qualify as the official Independent WRITE-IN candidate. On election day, I ask you to WRITE-IN YOUR VOTE for me.  On election day at your poling station, when you are handed your voter card from the Poll Worker, inform them that you are going to WRITE-IN a candidate for Senator, asking them how to do this.  The Poll workers are trained to show you how!

Your vote for Connor Vlakancic will rebound America from the Politics-As-Usual professional career politicians strangle-hold on our lives.
"Only the totally unexpected can accomplish the truly remarkable".

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Connor Vlakancic for U.S. Senate)

    This is wonderful!

    Yes, a great many things could have been better done. There are many more things better done that were earlier. Last weekend was a break thru for me with finally the attention to my story that I have worked for so long. I will explain all later.
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