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 »  Home  »  Events  »  Businessmen from Western Australia visit Croatia on Sept 20th 2006
Businessmen from Western Australia visit Croatia on Sept 20th 2006
By Vesna Kukavica | Published  10/4/2006 | Business , Events | Unrated

Photos: Tomislav Smoljanovię

A delegation from the Western Australian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce recently visited Croatia for their second time since first coming in September 2004. A rich programme was prepared especially for them compact with talks and encounters at the Croatian Trades Council, Foreign Ministry and Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development, Economics Ministry and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. A working meeting was also scheduled for the Australian delegation at the Zagreb Autumn Fair. The visit by these Australian businessmen from WACCC was organised by the Croatian Trades Council. The delegation will be in Croatia until 21 September. After signing an agreement on economic co-operation in 2004, signed by the Council's president, Stjepan ©afran and Brian Rakich, great interest has been shown by businessmen, mostly of Croatian origin, to invest into tourism, co-operatives, the wood and metal industries in Croatia. Chamber leaders and members of the Australian delegation will endeavour to expand their co-operation and open new paths to new areas of interest for investors from Western Australia. (d¹¹)
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