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Umro Dr. Živko Anton Strika 1931 - 2006
By Vedran Joseph Nazor | Published  09/1/2006 | In Memoriam | Unrated

Dr. Živko Anton Strika 1931 - 2006

Dr. Strika, 75 godina star, internist i gastroenterolog, preminuo je u četvrtak 31-og kolovoza 2006, poslije kratke bolesti u Šibenskoj bolnici. Dr. Strika rođen je u Zlarinu 8 listopada 1931. Školovao se u Šibeniku, diplomirao je na Medicinskom Fakultetu u Zagrebu 1958, a došao je u SAD 1960-te kod svoga oca, koji je došao u Ameriku 1930-te. Specijalizirao je internu medicinu u bolnicama u New Jersey-u. 1966-te postaje šef specijalizanata u Hackensack Medical Center, a iza toga unaprijeđen u zvanje associate chief za gastroenterologiju do svoje smrti. Strika je bio veliki humanitarac i domoljub. Puno je pomagao s medicinskim aparatima bolnicama u Šibeniku i Zadru. 1995 izabran je za počasnog predsjednika Zavičajnog Kluba Šibenik u New Yorku. Bio je upravitelj franjevačke organizacije Franciscan Sisters of the Poor Foundation za pomoć siromasima cijeloga svijeta. Pomagao je i svoj rodni Zlarin o čemu bi se moglo na dugo pisati, što ćemo mi još naknadno objaviti. Sprovod će se obaviti u subotu 2 og rujna 2006 na otoku Zlarinu u obiteljskoj grobnici. Misa zadušnica služit će se u nedjelju 3-eg rujna u 9 i 15 u crkvi Saint John u Fairview, New Jersey. Komemoracija će se obaviti nakandno u crkvi Svetih Ćirila i Metoda u New Yorku.

Tekst napisao Vinko Kužina, predsjednik Hrvatskog Radijo Kluba New York i Zavičajnog Kluba Šibenik. Tel: 201-947-9754. Umjesto cvijeća prilozi će biti poslani bolesnicima Šibenske Bolnice.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Jane Davidson)

    Could you please translate it to English. Dr. Strika was a world class physician, so very highly gifted. He knew the art and science of medicine. He always made the greatest effort to respect and make the patient comfortable. He was responsible with a conscience and never stopped working for us.
  • Comment #2 (Posted by N. M.)

    This is an approximate translation. I apologize for any unintentional mistranslations.

    Dr. Strika, 75 years of age, internist and gastroenterologist, died Thursday, the 31st of August 2006, after a short illness in Sibenik's hospital. Dr. Strika was born in Zlarin on the 8th of October 1931. He was schooled in Sibenik, graduated from Zagreb Medical School in 1958, and came to the United States in 1960-like his father, who came to the United States in 1930. He specialized in internal medicine at a hospital in New Jersey. In 1966, he became chief resident at Hackensack University Medical Center, after which he advanced to associate chief of gastroenterology where he remained until his death. Strika was a great humanitarian and a patriot. He helped greatly with the acquisition of medical equipment for hospitals in Sibenik and Zadar. In 1995, he was elected as the honorary president of the Sibenik Club in New York. He was the director of the Franciscan organization: Franciscan Sisters of the Poor Foundation helping the poor throughout the world. He helped his native Zlarin of which much can and will be soon written. The funeral will be conducted on Saturday, the 2nd of September 2006 on the island of Zlarin at the family grave. A memorial mass will be said on Sunday, the 3rd of September 2005, at 9:15AM at the Church of Saint John the Baptist in Fairview, New Jersey, A memorial service will be conducted afterwards at the Church of St. Cyril and St. Methodus in New York.

    Text was written by Vinko Kuzina, president of the Croatian Radio Club and the Sibenik Club in New York. Tel: 201-947-9754. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the sick of Sibenik Hospital.

  • Comment #3 (Posted by Jane Davidson)

    Thank you so much for translating this article to English.

    Revised Comment from Jane Davidson, patient of Dr. Strika at Hackensack Hospital. I was very fortunate to have been assigned to him, and I am very grateful.

    September 23,2006

    Dr. Zivko Anton Strika was a world class physician, so very highly gifted. He knew the art and science of healing and medicine. He cared for the whole patient. He made the greatest effort to help, respect and make us comfortable. His genius and superior knowledge always paralleled the contemporary state of the art and advanced technology.

    A visit to his office was a welcome into a living room, old world style. So perfect and so thorough, so kind and giving, so sensitive and gentle, so cultured and brilliant, yet humble and unassuming , he radiated an inner beauty that made every patient feel special.

    Dr. Strika was responsible with a conscience and never stopped working for us. He will live forever through his medical, social and political contributions all over the world.
    He was one on this earth.
    Jane Davidson

  • Comment #4 (Posted by Tony & Bernadette Giovannitti)

    Yesterday we learned that on August 31, 2006, the world suffered a great loss. Mankind has lost the most kindest of men. Our dear friend, Dr. Zivko A. Strika, we are all the better for having known you.

    This gentle giant from another land
    On loan from God to lend a helping hand
    And help so many, oh did he
    Tears now fill our eyes for he had to leave

    A lifetime caring for the lives of others
    Is how he chose to live
    There was no amount of time
    That was too much for him to give

    When illness came to call on us
    He always would be there
    And count on him we always could
    To give the best of care

    For all he did for others
    He asked nothing in return
    So much goodness from one man
    From him so much we all could learn

    Yet more common than the most common man
    This brilliant intellect
    Treated all who came to know him
    With the greatest of respect

    So our dear friend Dr. Strika
    Even from the start
    We always knew that you would always be a
    A presence in our hearts

    For our dear friend, Dr. Strika, we are all the better for having the honor of knowing you. You will forever live on in our hearts and the hearts of all the lives you have touched on this earth. Dr. Strika was the most compassionate, humble human being who ever walked this earth. He is irreplaceable. The world has truly lost a great humanitarian.

    Our deepest sympathy to Dr. Strika's family and friends,

    The Giovannitti Family
    Tony, Bernadette and Danielle
  • Comment #5 (Posted by Margaret Petrullo/ Berens Family)

    Dr. Strika will be sorely missed, he was a true doctor, not in it for the money but to help anyone who needed care. He was the most gentle, sweetest, caring men we have ever encounted. God Bless you Dr. Strika, may you rest in peace, we miss you so much already
  • Comment #6 (Posted by Christine Cikutovic De Rosa)

    Zivko Anton Strika was my father's first cousin..Zivko's father & my father's mother were brother & sister born & raised on the island of Zlarin. My father died 7 months before Zivko... they looked very much alike..they both also possesed a quiet and gentle demeanor and spirit.My father was Thomas Ckutovic (both his mother & father were from Zlarin).I loved Zivko very much & his most wonderful sister..Darinka Strika Maricic was one of the best people I have ever known. They all are in Heaven now & I am sure that their spirit is on the island of Zlarin on the Adriatic Coast.. I hope to return thee one day.
  • Comment #7 (Posted by Joanne Berens)

    miss you Dr. Strika, my Mom Margaret just passed away 3 weeks ago, she adored you, hope you 2 are smiling and happy in Heaven =)
  • Comment #8 (Posted by Joanne)

    Still miss you Dr. Strika, my Mother (Margaret Petrullo) passed away 3 weeks ago, I miss her so much but hope you 2 have finally been reuntied as Dr. & Patient in Heaven...
  • Comment #9 (Posted by Bob)

    Dr Strika was a true humanatarian, he was a angel sent here to help the sick, there is and never will be anyone else like him in his chosen field of medicine, a gentle giant and a lovely man, rest in peace. You are missed by all your friends, family and patients
  • Comment #10 (Posted by Tony Giovannitti)

    Dr. Strika. For as long as I am able to remember, I will always remember you. You will always be in my heart and mind. I miss you. Merry Christmas old friend. Tony Giovannitti
  • Comment #11 (Posted by Bernadette Giovannitti)

    Dear Dr. Strika, although it's been almost eight years since you were called home to God, I think about you so often. You took such good care of me and Tony for so many years. We've never been able to find a doctor or friend like you. I miss you with all my heart! Bernadette Giovannitti
  • Comment #12 (Posted by Tony Giovannitti)

    Thinking of you my dear old friend. I hope you are relaxing and fishing in your favorite spot. Thank you for taking such good care of us. Miss you very much.
    Tony Giovannitti
  • Comment #13 (Posted by Tony Giovannitti)

    Dear Dr. Strika, Even after all these years my heart is still heavy. Bernadette and I miss you. I hope you are resting peacefully after so many years of hard work. You made our lives better. We love you and miss you. Rest now my dear old friend. Tony Giovannitti.
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