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(H) Hrvatski Fizicari PRVI ispred Njemacke i Koreje ... Rusije, USA
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/13/2006 | Science | Unrated
(H) Hrvatski Fizicari PRVI ispred Njemacke i Koreje ... Rusije, USA

Hrvatski Fizicari PRVI ispred Njemacke i Koreje ... Rusije, USA

Odlicna vijest za stasajucu mladu Hrvatsku ZNANJA :

Tim mladih fizicara iz Hrvatske je osvojio PRVO MJESTO
na redovnom Medjunarodnom turniru u Bratislavi od 5 do 12. srpnja :

ispred Njemacke (2.) i Juzne Koreje (3.) ... te Australije, USA, Rusije ...

Nase iskrene cestitke svim mladim natjecateljima i voditeljima tima,
Dr.-u Zeljku Marohniçu (Institut za fiziku) i
prof. Dariu Micicu iz V gimanzije u Zagrebu.

Dakle, nemamo samo sportase koji pobjedjuju !

Davor :-)

Seventeen problems which have to be solved are selected by the International committee after the international meeting. These problems are made public in August, latest September. Than students are free to prepare solutions for most of these problems. In March or April in participating countries the national rounds are organized - to select the best students for the international meeting. The methods vary from country to country - where a good tradition and a lot of interesting students exist, the rules from the International tournament are adopted. In other countries individual students are selected.
In the international meeting, every state has the right to participate with one group of students - a team. During the meeting, these teams meet in groups of three, where every team is challenged by an other one to present a solution to a specific problem; the challenging team presents a critique (opposition) for the solution and the third participating team makes a short review about both presentations. Also a short discussion is part of the performance. After this, an assembly of scientists - a jury evaluates the performance of all teams.
Five rounds are performed during the whole meeting, so every team has the possibility to present the solution of five problems. The three best teams have at the end the opportunity to present a solution of their own problem during the final - the best team becomes a winner.

The Tournament
The 19th IYPT will take place in Bratislava (Slovakia) from 5 to 12 July 2006. The fights take place at the Comenius University.

The International Young Physicists' Tournament (for reasons of brevity we'll call it just "IYPT" or "the tournament" from now on) is, as its name suggests, a competition for students from all over the world who are interested in physics. It consists of a number of "physics fights", where three teams (composed of five students each) have in turns to present and defend their solution to a problem, criticise this solution or report on the performances of the two other teams involved in the fight. Their respective performances are then marked by an international jury. After five preliminary rounds the best three teams qualify for the final fight.

Although the problems are already known in advance and you can use every available resource (books, internet, your physics teacher, even a nobel price laureate you happen to know), there is usually not a clear and final solution to them.

You can find out more about the rules of the tournament on the international IYPT website.

Get an idea of what to expect at the IYPT and have a look at some impressions from the 18th IYPT in Winterthur , Switzerland.

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