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(E) Old Croatian Letters
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/14/2006 | Old Croatian Letters | Unrated
(E) Old Croatian Letters


The aim of this web page is to collect old Croatian letters from all over the world, in order to reveal the life and spirituality of Croats. These letters are of interest for various scientific disciplines related to Croatian Studies - linguistics, sociology, ethnology, history, psychology, economy, etc. We expect that this web will result in a written monograph in the near future. All submitted letters will be kept in our archives, but we retain the right to select those to be published on the web.

I express my deep gratitude to prof.dr. Zvonko Bencic from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, for his suggestion to create this web page (2006), and to collect the letters. The first letter on the list below is from 1908, sent from the USA to his relatives in Istria.

Persons working actively on this project are: Zvonko Bencic (Zagreb), Darko Zubrinic (Zagreb), and Nenad Bach (New York).

For those wishing to submit their letters, the following is necessary:

a) to send the letter typed as HTML (preferable), DOC, or TXT document, with related comments

b) to send the facsimile (and eventually the related photos)

to (change "_AT_" to "@"), or to (Nenad Bach, NY, USA)


  1. Petar Bencic, USA - Istria, 1908, in Croatian

Croatia - its History, Culture and Science

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by kristijan)

    this is very good wep page, i can find everything i want to know about croatia and croatian.
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