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(E) Croatia Officially Condemns Communist Crimes
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/13/2006 | History | Unrated
(E) Croatia Officially Condemns Communist Crimes

Croatia Officially Condemns Communist Crimes

Monday , 03 July 2006

Croatia on Friday joined the countries which have officially condemned communist crimes, with parliament adopting a declaration condemning crimes committed during the communist regime in Croatia from 1945 to 1990, and a declaration on the 1995 Operation Storm.
The declaration condemning communist crimes says the fall of totalitarian communist regimes was not always followed by investigations of crimes committed by those regimes, that perpetrators were not brought to international justice, and that the consequence is a very low public awareness of those crimes.

The Sabor is convinced that people's knowledge and awareness of historical events is one of the conditions to avert similar crimes in the future, reads the declaration.

It underlines that the condemnation of crimes committed by totalitarian communism contained in the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly's Resolution binds the Croatian parliament to condemn every crime committed in the name of totalitarian communism against Croatian citizens and Croats at home and abroad.

The Sabor maintains it should become the key national institution for the condemnation of crimes committed by Yugoslav and Croatian totalitarian communism, and that science and judicial institutions should systematically investigate the history of those crimes.

The Storm declaration says the operation was a victorious and decisive one, and that this military and police action must be understood also as an international allied war operation.

The purpose and true objective of Storm was the liberation of occupied Croatian territory, the declaration reads, adding that the action was prepared and carried out by honouring all regulations of international war, humanitarian and civil law as well as all international commitments.

Storm was a decisive battle not only for the war in Croatia but also for the end of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the declaration reads.

It says that the Sabor, Croatian experts, science and education institutions and the media have the obligation to transform the operation into a battle which must not and will not be forgotten.

Remembering Storm is necessary for ourselves and our neighbours so that wars would not break out in this region again and so that Storm could be remembered as not only victorious and decisive, but also as "the last Croatian battle," the declaration says.

Adopting the two declarations, moved by independent MP Slaven Letica, parliament wrapped up this week's sitting and will resume the 21st session on July 4.

Croatian News Agency-HINA

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