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(E) Croatian Chronicle: 2006 Croatian-American Fourth Annual Charity Golf Outing
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/14/2006 | Community | Unrated
(E) Croatian Chronicle: 2006 Croatian-American Fourth Annual Charity Golf Outing

2006 Croatian-American Fourth Annual Charity Golf Outing Once Again Raises Tens of Thousands of Dollars for Two Humanitarian Causes

By Josip Bogovic

On May 22 the 4th annual Croatian-American Golf Outing took place at the North Hills Country Club in Manhasset, Long Island. The event was blessed by great weather, by its participants, organizers and volunteers who care about the underlying reason for its existence. The outing was created to raise money for de-mining in Croatia and to fund the efforts of the American Cancer Society. There is perhaps nothing nobler, in our earthly existence than to help our fellow citizens in need.

Members of the executive committee of this not-for-profit organization, which is a part of the Croatia Fund, Inc., are Vladimir Blaskovic, Chairman, Pete Radovich, Honorary Chairman, Vedran J. Nazor Secretary, Tomislav Nogalo, Treasurer, John Belancich, Gerald Maric, Joseph Grgas, Boris Grzic, John Ivica Kajic, John Ivica Glavinic, Susan Naletilic, Vincent Naletilic, Nikola Peneva, David Rosini, Darko Smilovic and Ivan Starcic. To organize an event that includes in excess of fifty players, over 250 dinner guests, a raffle and a book that needed to be published listing the sponsors and other important information, is a large logistical task, not to mention the rules a not-for-profit organization has to deal with. The people who organized it themselves have very busy lives without a moment to spare.

The host for the formal program was the Emmy Award winning CBS sports producer Pete Radovich. With his quick and humorous wit, Radovich is a natural host. He uses his connections in the media and sports worlds to auction very hard to get tickets and events. For example, he auctioned off two pairs of tickets for the upcoming Super Bowl in Miami. Just those four tickets raised over 10 thousand dollars. The folks who won the auction will also receive a grand tour of the event, including a behind the scenes look at the spectacle and a trip to the commentator’s box. Over the years, Radovich has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the above causes.

At dinner were special guests from the Croatian community including the Consul General of Croatia Mr. Petar Ljubicic, who also played a round of golf, and Croatia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Mr. Amir Muharemi. Also in attendance were Fra Ivica Majstorovic and Don Robert Zubovic, as were representatives from the American Cancer Society and Mr. Zach Hudson from the UN organization Adopt-A-Mine Field. This organization matches the contribution given by the Croatian-American Golf Outing Organization.

Mr. Hudson made a detailed speech about the work Adopt-A-Minefield has done in Croatia along with the money it has received from the Croatian-American Golf Outing Organization. “The playgrounds and fields in the village of Medvedi have been cleared with the money donated by last year’s golf outing,” said Zach Hudson. Mr. Hudson also mentioned that there is much more work to be done for there are over five thousand anti-tank mines, five thousand anti-personal mines and over 40,000 unexploded ordinates placed on Croatian soil.

Thanks to all the above mentioned individuals and organizations, and especially to the Croatian business community under the leadership of Vladimir Blaskovic, who are caring and astute enough to make such an event possible. This event is an example of a collective effort with people at their best and all who contributed in some way are worthy of praise for making today a better world.

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