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(E) Croatia: "Travels in Undiscovered Country" by Tony Fabijancic
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/15/2003 | Tourism | Unrated
(E) Croatia: "Travels in Undiscovered Country" by Tony Fabijancic

"Croatia: Travels in Undiscovered Country"

There is, in old Croatia, an undiscovered country that is passing away, a
world of peasants, shepherds and fishermen irrevocably surrendering before
the reality of a modern European state.

When Tony Fabijancic traveled to Croatia he was returning to his own
undiscovered country. With the tongue of a native but the eyes of an
outsider, he journeyed the old country of his father. He sought out the
hidden corners where he could hear the earthy stories of country people.

With thoughtful portraits, he throws open a personal window into a
labyrinthine world of character and identity.

Outside a church in Pag, the author experienced a flash of eternity, an
epiphany into his own mortality. Tapping into a new-found strength, he
traveled the expanse of Croatia, conducting a personal investigation into
its extraordinary regionality while commenting on the complex history of a
deeply layered landscape. In fine style, he transports the reader to the
Adriatic in the summer: the blast of heat, the smell of dust, the bountiful
kitchen gardens, and the impromptu ritual of sljivovica at outdoor tables.
Most of all, we are introduced to rural men and women who, along with their
hospitality, openly share their views on their lot in the new Croatia.

Written with sensitivity and balance, Croatia: Travels in Undiscovered
Country is smart, literate, travel writing that takes us to the heart of a
fascinating land.

Tony Fabijancic was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. From an early age
he accompanied his father to Croatia where he experienced the lives of its
peasants firsthand. He is Associate Professor of Contemporary Literature at
the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College campus of Memorial University in
Newfoundland. He lives in Corner Brook with his wife and two children.

Tony Fabijancic  

This is to announce the publication of a new travel book about Croatia.
Written by Tony Fabijancic, "Croatia: Travels in Undiscovered Country" has
been released by the University of Alberta Press. The book will be
distributed in the U.S. by Michigan State University Press
(1-800-678-2120), and in the U.K. and Europe by Gazelle Books, London (44
(0) 1524 68765; Fax 44 (0) 1524 63232; <>).

You can also order online or through your bookstore. The book's isbn
number is 0-88864-397-7. Price: $29.95 Canadian. Includes photographs.

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