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(E) Beauty abounds in Zadar, Croatia - Help Promote Vote
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/17/2004 | Tourism | Unrated
(E) Beauty abounds in Zadar, Croatia - Help Promote Vote


Beauty abounds in Zadar, Croatia

Help support promotion of Croatia worldwide.


Dear Al,


I read the article and I support Alan Nemaric. If you feel the same please do so. Articles like this helps all of us to present our culture and heritage the way is SHOULD be presented in the first please.

Article is number 2. Feel free to read all of the articles and decide on your own. I vote for Zadar.


Nenad Bach


Dear Nenad,

FYI, I am an active writer. I have submitted an article meriting Zadar's tourism attractions. I'm competing against 5 other writers. Can I request that you ask your readers to vote for ENTRY #2 and to read my article? If it wins it will be printed nation wide in the Sun chain of newspapers, large circulation (millions)! I also win a 2 day trip in Canada (honestly, this really is not the reason I submitted the article). Help support promotion of Croatia worldwide.

-Alan Nemaric

P.S. Nenad, you're doing a great job.

Beauty abounds in Zadar, Croatia

By ALAN NEMARIC -- Special to Canoe Travel
Alfred Hitchcock once said that Zadar, Croatia had the most beautiful sunsets in the world. After my most recent visit I would have to agree, but at the same time state that the sunset is just one of many reasons to visit this 3000 year old historic Dalmatian city.

If you're not into swimming and sunbathing on Zadar's 5-star public or clothing optional beaches, there's always the nightlife, the restaurants and mountain climbing. But if you're more of an armchair quarterback and would rather have a cocktail and watch the
beautiful people walk by... I can direct you to the best spot in the front row centre!

In picturesque downtown Zadar, near the main square, lies a tiny pub called "Bar Toni". "Toni" as the locals call it, sits on one of the old city's many narrow Roman and Baroque cobblestone pathways. What's so special about this place? Because this bar is so close to the Central Square and main shopping area (Benetton, Armani, Diesel, Mango, Image Haddad, Bata, etc.) most residents and visitors to this Adriatic city must walk by Bar Toni. There is no avoiding it!

Like many European cities, it is customary for locals in Zadar, when visiting the old city, to look their best. If you're fortunate enough to get one of Toni's 6 outdoor seats, don't expect to be served quickly. Slow an easy is the working pace in Zadar. Once you have ordered your cappuccino or "pelinkovac and tonic" (local favourite), just sit back, put your sunglasses on, light up a Marlboro Light
(yes, smoking is still legal in Europe) and wait for the show to commence. You won't believe your eyes. In a matter of minutes you will be overwhelmed with visions of absolute physical beauty.

The local women and men are naturally tall, tanned, attractive and most importantly "stylish". You'll feel like you're sitting next to Madonna, watching an actual runway model show in Milano! Blondes, Brunnettes, Red Heads...there's an abundance of all on them. Croatians, Italians, Germans, Dutch, Hungarian.....all dressed to impress.

It's common for people to sit at "Toni's" for hours a day, nursing their drink and hoping for a particular "man or woman" of their dreams to walk by at least one more time. It's the place where men of all ages muster up enough courage to finally say "hello" to the pretty, yet mysterious, woman who always manages to throw them a glance or smile.

Toni's is the place where young hearts come alive and where old hearts reminisce. Toni's is the place where people are young, no matter how old they are. It's hard to believe that after all these years, this little Bar on Miha Klaif Street still packs the customers in, not for the quality of food, not for the drinks and certainly not for the service. People still come here to sit and watch the beautiful
people and if they're lucky, one of those beautiful people will be buying them their next drink! Bar Toni is open Monday's to Sunday's, 7am to 2am!

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