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(E) Finding energy and balance in Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/23/2005 | Tourism | Unrated
(E) Finding energy and balance in Croatia

Finding energy and balance in Croatia

June 23, 2005 - Volume XIII, Issue 25
After a hot Hungarian summer everyone dreads returning to an intensive work schedule following their vacation, but this can be eased by holidaying in Croatia's excellent wellness centers.

ALLOWING yourself a few days in a nice four or five star hotel on the Croatian coast with a wellness program and halfboard accommodation will help you raise your energy, find balance and prepare yourself for the struggle awaiting you back in the office.

From September, prominent tourist centers with wellness facilities such as Pula, Porec, Opatija, Dubrovnik, Losinj or Umag become calm and peaceful, while the mildly Mediterranean climate still allows for daily swimming and sunbathing.

All of these towns are acknowledged for their high-quality service in hotels and restaurants, which offer a wide variety of dishes and menus that fit beautifully with wellness programs and are designed to be of maximum benefit. Accessible by car (with the exception of Dubrovnik, which can be easier reached from Budapest by plane), getting to Opatija, Pula, Porec, Umag or Losinj will not take you more than six-eight hours on Croatia's brand new roads and motorways.Depending upon your preference, one can choose beauty and/or bodyfit programs, relaxation and meditation programs or mixed solutions created by experts. In addition, some hotels offer special wellness programs for men only, while several offer special arrangements for couples.

The duration of programs vary from two to seven days, and often offer economy prices for a two-person combined program.

Wellness programs in Croatian hotels often include thalasotherapy treatments since seawater is a proven cure for skin and dermatology problems, while mud and seaweed is used for cosmetic treatments on both face and body. Aromatherapy treatments using mediterranean oils from lavender, rosemary, sage or similar are ideal for the Croatian climate. These treatments are suggested if one suffers from mood changes or has a particularly stressful job. Should you be interested in Eastern techniques, chose wellness offering shiatsu massage or reflexotherapy treatments. Some hotels offer reiki and ayurved massages, while devotees of exotic treatments can enjoy chinese tui na massage, particularly recommended if you have circulation problems.

In addition to wellness programs and comfortable accommodation in well-furnished rooms, hotels will provide their guest with special menus, from standard continental to vegetarian and even macrobiotic cuisine. Some hotels are able to provide ayurved meals and light dishes prepared in consultation with the client. _For more information visit and book your wellness program easily and quickly online!


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