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(E) Croatia improves tourism infrastructure
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/17/2006 | Tourism | Unrated
(E) Croatia improves tourism infrastructure


Croatia improves tourism infrastructure

Jul 07, 05
More than eight million foreign tourists visited Croatia last year and the Croatian government is expecting more than 10 million in the next
years. Thanks to the country’s supportive tourism private sector in tourism for efforts in improving the industry’s infrastructure.

Private and state investors spent 400 million euro last winter for hotel modernization older and construction. New small hotels,
summerhouses, camping sites and restaurants infrastructure were established as a result. Previously state-owned hotels have also been
revamped to meet international standards. Melia Sol and Thomas Cook are two examples.

The government announced it will bring financial support for the construction of six new airfields, a 800-meter runway of 800 meters private
airplanes, air taxi and rescue flights to the mainland and for short commuter air traffic to existing international airports.

Croatia is celebrating the creation of two new air carriers. Sun Adria Airlines, based in the Croatian capital Zagreb, started the scheduled
flights to several European destinations, including Germany, using two Fokker 100 in the fleet. Dubrovnik Airline, based in Dubrovnik and
jointly founded by the Croatian Atlantic Shipping Company and Dubrovnik Airport Authority, is providing summer charters and scheduled
using MD-83s.
A third carrier, named European Coastal Airlines, is expected to be established within the next few weeks.

The 380 kilometers long highway across mountain terrains between capital Zagreb and Split, the most important tourism center, finally opened
June 29. Work is set to begin on Dubrovnik highway.

Croatia is a relatively small (56,500 square kilometers and 4.49 million inhabitants) independent post communist country (former a part of
Yugoslavia) in southeast Europe at Adriatic Sea. Tourism contribution to the country’s GDP is approximately 20 percent. Picturesque fishing
villages, old antique and medieval towns with unique architecture are among its tourist attractions.

By Jan Blazej

Zagreb, Croatia (eTurboNews)


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