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(E) Vlatko Markovic (Croatia) in UEFA race
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/28/2002 | Sports | Unrated
(E) Vlatko Markovic (Croatia) in UEFA race
LONDON, Feb 27 (Reuters) - French soccer great Michel Platini is standing for election to both the UEFA and FIFA Executive Committees, UEFA confirmed on Wednesday. 
Platini, 46, who had a glittering playing career leading France to victory in the 1984 European Championships and also later managed the side, is hoping to gain a seat on both bodies during elections at the UEFA Congress in Stockholm on April 25. 
His nominations come as no real surprise as he has been involved with soccer's administration as an advisor to FIFA president Sepp Blatter for the last four years. 
If his bid for office is successful, as seems likely, he will not only bring some relatively youthful vitality to the committees, but also become the first from his exalted level as a player to win political office. 
His candidature is also seen as the first step on a path that could see him succeed Lennart Johansson as UEFA president in due course. 
As far as UEFA is concerned, he is also likely to counter-balance some of the anti-FIFA feeling that has long existed within the higher echelons of the UEFA administration. 
While Johansson, 72, is the only candidate for UEFA president, a total of 14 administrators are standing for seven vacancies on the UEFA Executive Committee -- six of them for four-year terms and one for a two-year term. 
The seven vacancies arise as three current members are retiring and four are seeking re-election. 
Des Casey (Ireland), Frantisek Chvalovsky (Czech Republic) and Claude Simonet (France) are stepping down, while Senes Erzik (Turkey), Viacheslav Koloskov (Russia), Giangiorgio Spiess (Switzerland) and Angel Maria Villar Llona (Spain) are all seeking re-election. 
Those seeking to gain a place on the Executive Committee are: Fuad Musayev (Azerbaijan), Vlatko Markovic (Croatia), Pekka Hamalainen (Finland), Platini (France), Imre Bozoky (Hungary), Eggert Magnusson (Iceland), Franco Carraro (Italy), Henri Roemer (Luxembourg), Michal Listkiewicz (Poland) and Hrygoril Surkis (Ukraine). 
As well as the election for membership of the UEFA Executive, there will also be a vote for UEFA's four seats on the FIFA Executive. 
Platini, Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder (Germany), Carraro (Italy), Joseph Mifsud (Malta) and Per Ravn Omdal (Norway), who is seeking re-election, are chasing the four seats. 
The four British associations must also decide in due course whether David Will of Scotland will remain as their choice to be representative in their one permanent seat on FIFA's Executive. 
If you are in the position (Journalists)... support him. 
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