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(E) Croatia is 4th in the World in Curling (Ice Bowling)
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/21/2002 | Sports | Unrated
(E) Croatia is 4th in the World in Curling (Ice Bowling)
Our dear Caballero, attached is a report from the concluding events 
organized in honor of the success of Croatia’s representation in the ice 
bowling world championship. 
Many regards from the in European tri-border in Basel 
Yours truly, Zarko Dolinar and Edo Kruslin 
HASK – Zagreb 1903 
Postfach 3464 
CH-4002 Basel 
Basel, March 17, 2002 
Croatians are 4th in the world! 
The great success of our men’s and women’s teams in the world championship 
in ice bowling (German: Eisstock) held in the Swiss town of Frauenfeld from 
March 11-17. 
Here is one more example that success in sports is not always tied to great 
expenses. The Croatian women’s team is comprised of: Jasmina GASI, Ivana 
SIMUNEC, Bozena i Ivana BRKLJACIC, while the men’s team is made up of: Karlo 
KODRNJA, Karlo CERCEK, Dean ZANOSKI, Jasmin HODZIC i Dominik MILIN, made an 
excellent 4th place finish out of the 19 nations entered. 
This time our representatives allowed only three nations to surpass them, 
who are known among us, but are counted in the infancy of this exotic sport, 
which is hardly known to the wider public even in Switzerland. 
It must be said that our team is comprised of a younger generation born 
between 1977-1984, which shows that the majority of them are at the start of 
their careers in this nascent and perspective branch of Croatian sports. 
The Croatian Cultural Center in Winterhur, Switzerland handled the 
accommodations. The readiness and organizational talent of Dr. Pavo Medved 
must be especially noted, who along with his daily responsibilities always 
found time to at least call to find out the situation on the leader board 
and handled the accommodations and food. 
Mr. Ivan Lazic, the headmaster and his son accommodated all of the 
representatives by them, Stjepan Boltizar, Branko Maric, and Ljubomir 
Buncic, the president of the center opened their doors, kitchen and hearts 
wide open, and it would be difficult to thank them and the rest of the 
members who unselfishly helped during the stay of our entire team with just 
ordinary words. 
On Sunday March 17, a party and farewell luncheon was held in the Center, 
with the Croatian Consul General from Zurich, Mr. Toni Glovacki with his 
wife, Mr. Vjekomir Markovic the president of NK Croatia from Zurich and Dr. 
Edo Kruslin, the president of HASK Zagreb 1903 in Basel in attendance. 
Before Sunday lunch, Dr. Edo Kruslin greeted everyone present in the name of 
the United Croatian Sports Clubs in Switzerland and stated to our 
representatives the following words: 
“Those of us who have lived in the Diaspora, began to dream of a time some 
30 years ago a day when the younger Croatian generation would defend our 
tricolor. Today you are among them. We are happy that the dream became a 
reality. We are proud of you, the Croatian representation. We are proud of 
your great success, because it is our success. “ 
It especially pleased him that the members of the representation recently 
became members of the large HASK family in Zagreb, in which our oldest 
soccer team was founded in 1903 (Hajduk in Split was founded in 1911) 
received one more athletic section. Mr. Dominik Milin thanked those present 
in the name of the Croatian representation for their hospitality and 
The Consul General of the Republic of Croatia in Switzerland, Mr. Toni 
Glovacki, who was present for the world cup at the Frauenfeld ice arena, 
spoke to those present. 
It must be said that the members of the team, spent one free afternoon as 
honored guests of the Croatian consulate in Zurich. At the party’s end, Dr. 
Kruslin asked our young representatives to in the spirit of HASK, to be 
ambassadors of Croatia’s sports culture and to build a bridge of 
understanding and appreciation, which will tie this generation and future 
ones of the Diaspora and homeland. 
In an atmosphere of celebration and with occasional tears, the party ended 
with an accompaniment of accordions by our hosts at the Croatian Cultural 
Center, played the traditional hymn of both the Diaspora and the Croatia sea 
and sun “Marjane Marjane ca barjak ne vijes” along with our motto “Kaj bus, 
to bum” and “Nista Kontra Splita.” So let somebody say that we Croats are 
not successful, first in skiing, third in soccer, and now fourth in the 
world for ice bowling. 
My sincere greetings 
Dr. Edo Kruslin, President of HASK Basel 
Members of the executive board of HASK-Zagreb 1903, Basel 
Edo Kruslin (President) 
Prof. Zarko Dolinar (Honorary Vice President) 
Robert Eggmann (Secretary and Treasurer) 
Safet Saracevic (Shooting Section) 
Tomislav Leko (Volleyball Section) 
Nino Holub (Basketball Section) 
med. Katarina Hueter, deceased (Vice President) 
Prof. Vladimir Prelog, deceased (Honorary Member) 
HASK-Zagreb 1903 
Postfach 3464 
CH-4002 Basel 
Fax: 004161-69 22 774 
Mobile: 079-356 7777 
CRO portal in Switzerland: 
If anyone is wondering if that is Zarko Dolinar, the world champion in table tennis, 
persona grata in the whole world? 
The answer is YES! 
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