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(E) Croatia - Italy 2:1, by minutes
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/8/2002 | Sports | Unrated
(E) Croatia - Italy 2:1, by minutes
Up-to-the-Second Score: Italy 1, Croatia 2 -- FINAL
90'+5 -  Final whistle blows as Croatia takes upset 2-1 win, and angry Italians briefly confront referee near midfield.  
90'+3 - Italy corner kick is headed away.  
90'+2 - Italy goal disallowed after Inzaghi is whistled for , as long pass rolls into net untouched.  
90' - Four minutes of stoppage time added.  
90' - Zambrotta beats N. Kovacs to win corner kick; Panucci dives to head over the bar from 6 yards.  
89' - Pletikosa dives right to knock away an 18-yard blast by Zambrotta.  
87' -  Totti freekick from 30 yards strikes left post and rolls across goalmouth, behind the motionless Pletikosa.  
85' - Totti tumbles into Saric, who is slow to recover.  
83' - Olic treated for injury after tackle by Maldini.  
79' -  Croatia sub: Simic on for goalscorer Rapaic, who is embraced by his teammates on the bench.  
79' -  Italy sub: Inzaghi comes on for Doni, with Italy in need of an equalizer.  
76' - GOAL CROATIA. Rapaic bloops a deflected volley into upper left corner, after N. Kovacs heads the ball back in following a clearance of Rapaic's original cross.  
75' - Another Croatia cross gets behind Italy defense but lunging Rapaic can't put it away.  
73' - GOAL CROATIA. Olic knocks in at far post after Jarni's cross from left side gets behind the back line.  
72' - Vieri latches on to long, deflected pass and shoots high and wide left from 18 yards under challenge from last defender.  
69' - Simunic smoothly dispossesses Vieri in left corner.  
66' - Italy whistled for offside.  
65' - Teams take turns with bad giveaways on Croatia's end of the field.  
64' - No one can catch up to Doni's cross from left side.  
62' -  Croatia sub: Vranjes on for Soldo, who limps off.  
62' - Buffon dives into Rapaic to punch ball out of bounds for throw-in on right, after throw-in from left is flicked on across penalty area.  
57' -  Croatia sub: Olic on for Vugrinec.  
56' - GOAL ITALY. Vieri takes Doni cross from right wing at far post and heads back over Pletikosa.  
54' - R. Kovacs and Totti exchange words after foul is called; Totti freekick from left side is cleared.  
53' - Rapaic corner kick cleared away, but Croatia regains possession and Rapaic forces comfortable Buffon save with shot to near post from left side.  
51' -  Vieri cautioned for dissent after protesting offside call.  
50' - Italy goal disallowed for offside, after cross from left is flicked on to Vieri at far post. Questionable call.  
50' - Boksic shaken up.  
46' -  Second half kicks off with no substitutions.  
Second Half
45'+2 -  Referee blows halftime whistle before Croatia can take freekick near midfield. Score tied 0-0.  
45'+1 - Vieri beaten to cross from right side at far post.  
45' - Croatia clears high ball to give up corner kick; Totti corner is cleared.  
44' - Buffon dives left to save disappointing 16-yard shot from Rapaic on left side.  
43' - Doni slow to get up after taking elbow to back of head on high ball.  
41' - Referee ignores Zambrotta appeals for foul call 22 yards from goal.  
39' -  Robert Kovacs cautioned for hard foul on Totti.  
37' - Totti corner kick headed away.  
36' - Soldo fouls Totti 45 yards from goal.  
35' - Italy whistled for foul in Croatia penalty area as Panucci crosses from right side.  
32' - Vieri can't catch up to through pass toward endline on left side.  
31' - Totti freekick from top left corner of penalty area is knocked away.  
29' - Buffon easily saves Rapaic effort from 25 yards.  
26' - Give-and-go leaves Vugrinec open for shot inside area on right, but Buffon gets his right hand to it and Materazzi clears off the line.  
25' - Cross chested down and laid back to Soldo at top of penalty arc; he beats one player and shoots wide left.  
24' -  Italy sub: Materazzi comes on as Nesta limps off and receives treatment to right foot.  
22' - Buffon makes easy save on 30-yard half-volley by Vugrinec.  
18' - Zambrotta goes down in penalty area on long pass but play continues.  
16' - Niko Kovac treated for bloody nose after taking elbow from Tommasi.  
15' - Italy midfielder Cristiano Doni takes advantage of a slip by Robert Kovacs, fights way clear through penalty area to shoot from 8 yards, but Pletikosa saves.  
12' - Croatia corner kick cleared.  
12' - Maldini called for cutting down Vugrinec near sideline.  
9' - Nesta whistled for foul at edge of center circle.  
6' - Buffon comes off line to pick up long pass at 17 yards.  
4' - Italy earns corner kick; Zambrotta shot from outside penalty area saved easily.  
3' - Foul on Totti brings freekick at top of penalty arc; freekick cleared after it hits wall.  
1' -  Match under way.  
Kickoff at 5 a.m. EDT; 9 a.m. GMT 
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