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(E) Focusing on Futsal, Mico Martic, represented Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/27/2002 | Sports | Unrated
(E) Focusing on Futsal, Mico Martic, represented Croatia

Focusing on Futsal


Wednesday 27 November 2002

The first UEFA Futsal Conference finishes in Italy on Thursday after three days of discussion about this fast-growing sport.

Looking forward
The conference will end on a high with a presentation from UEFA Futsal Committee chairman Petr Fousek on the future of Futsal in Europe and a conference review by the UEFA technical director, Andy Roxburgh. It has been staged at the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) technical centre in Coverciano

Well attended
Representatives of nearly all of UEFA's member associations have been present at the conference, organised in conjunction with the FIGC, since Tuesday, with contributions ranging from a leading Futsal referee on the laws of the game to interviews with the coaches of the holders of the UEFA European Futsal Championship for national teams, Spain, and the UEFA Futsal Cup for club sides, won by Playas de Castellón on 1 March 2002.

Hopes raised
Another guest speaker was Mico Martic, who has represented Croatia and is a keen promoter of the sport across Europe. He has high hopes that the conference will allow for greater development of Futsal across the continent.

'New platform'
"The exchange of information between all participants is an important step to increasing Futsal's profile in all UEFA countries and also to introducing it to countries new to the game," said Martic. "I hope the first UEFA Futsal Conference will put Futsal on a new platform, help growth and allow it to obtain the important place in the sporting world that it deserves."

Strong future
Throughout the conference, those present have been able to take part in discussion groups about the points raised and share their views on the game's future. The significance of the conference has been underlined by the strong play seen in qualifying for the 2003 UEFA European Futsal Championship finals and the next stage of the 2003 UEFA Futsal Cup which have been taking place in recent weeks.

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