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(E) Mario Preskar Boxing Dec. 13 in Atlantic City
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/12/2003 | Sports | Unrated
(E) Mario Preskar Boxing Dec. 13 in Atlantic City


Mario Preskar


Dear Friends,

Mario Preskar was born in Zagreb and is only 19 years old.
He was 7 time Croatian amateur boxing Champion and second
in Europe as a amateur Heavyweight at the age of 17. He
turned pro earlier this year, and Saturday Dec. 13 is
fighting in his second professional fight at the Atlantic
City's Boardwalk Hall (formerly Atlantic City Convention
Center, home of Miss America pageant). That night there
will be 8 Championship fights on the card including 2
unification titles. So how does a 19 year old get on the
fight card? He gets on because he is that good. He's
dominated (professional fighters who had 30 matches) in
sparring sessions. Recently an undefeated heavyweight with
a 19-0 record walked out after receiving too much beating
from Preskar.

Question by Fight News: "With such heavyweight fighters
like Lennox, Tyson and Holyfield at the tail end of their
careers, are you working on cultivating a crop of new
heavyweight fighters?"
Don King: : "Absolutely! I think it's time now to bring in
the young fighter. I have a promising young Croatian kid
named Mario Preskar who has just turned pro. He's a
tremendous competitor! As far as the older fighters, who
have already established themselves, they should fight each
other to get the maximum of whatever they can get and to
please the public before they retire. But, in the mean
time, you have the new guys on the block who need to
demonstrate their own talent and ability."

to see 9 fights click and scroll to Dec.13 Atlantic City:

to read about Mario Preskar click below:

press release and tickets click below:

Enjoy the weekend,


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