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(E) Preskar Match Cancelled
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/15/2003 | Sports | Unrated
(E) Preskar Match Cancelled


Mario Preskar's boxing match cancelled


Mario Preskar's boxing match set for Atlantic City's
Boardwalk Hall on Saturday December 13, 2003 was cancelled.
The New Jersey State Boxing Commission refused to approve
last minute replacement heavyweight Michael Rothberger.
Rothberger weighed 220 lbs at the Friday's weigh in with
slightly high blood pressure, which did not decrease
before the match and the bout was cancelled. Earlier in the
week heavyweight William Terry was also disapproved.
Heavyweight Knowledge Bay aka Thomas Latson failed to send
in proper paperwork week before. So, at least 3 attempts to
find Preskar opponent failed.
New Jersey State Boxing Commission is run by Larry Hazzard,
Sr. a former 3 times Golden Gloves champion who was
appointed commissioner in 1985 by Governor Tom Kean.
Hazzard was elected "Referee of the Year" in 1983. By 1985,
he had refereed numerous world championship fights in every
weight class around the world, involving some of the
greatest boxers of the modern boxing era.
Under Hazzard's leadership, New Jersey has emerged as a
major world boxing venue. It is recognized as having the
most comprehensive rules, regulations and policies for
enforcing safe, professional boxing.
Preskar returned to Zagreb with his trainer/manager Leonard
Pijetraj and will resume his professional boxing career in early 2004.

John Ruiz and Mario Preskar              Nenad Bach, Don King, Vedran Nazor

1.Preskar - second from left press conference held on December 10, 2003
2.Preskar - with 1st round KO winner Zab Judah
3.Preskar - with heavyweight winner John Ruiz
4. Nenad Bach, Don King, Vedran Nazor, Atlantic City December 13, 2003.

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