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(E) Mario Preskar Wins by a TKO in Berlin
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/18/2005 | Sports | Unrated
(E) Mario Preskar Wins by a TKO in Berlin





Moving up fast along Heavyweight Boxing ladder 21-year-old undefeated Croatian Heavyweight Mario Preskar won again Saturday, December 17 in Berlin's Max Schmeling Halle. Czech Ervin Slonka was the victim. Preskar who came in at 219 lbs overwhelmed his more experienced opponent (23 fights, Preskar's 10th fight) in barrage of assault that began in the first round. Throwing combinations from the start Preskar was looking for an opening. Slonka, who was afraid to exchange and therefore be exposed to an early knockout stayed in a locked stance throughout the match and absorbed tremendous punishment. 'At the start of the 6th round my trainer told me to go and finish him. Before that he was closed up. I felt super throughout the match. I was working fast and had excellent tempo. In the 6th round I came in with everything and he went down' The referee started counting. After another series of punches the second countdown did not go to ten as referee mercifully stopped the fight. TKO win Mario Preskar who improves his record to 9-0-1. The fight was televised by Croatian TV (HTV) and is a first in a series of fights that will feature Mario Preskar. Television deal signed by HTV and DKP (Don King Productions) is an indication that Preskar's career is about to take off. 'We are going to take of couple of weeks off said Preskar's manager/trainer Leonard Pijetraj. Mario has been training very hard the whole year. It was a good finish, 3 knockouts in the last 2 months.' Zeljko Preskar, Mario's father said friends and neighbors were calling all night and offering congratulations.
In the feature fight undefeated Nicolay Valuev became the tallest and heaviest world champion in boxing history by winning the WBA heavyweight title over John Ruiz. The seven-foot tall, 324 lbs. Valuev (44-0, 31 KOs) who goes by the nickname 'Beast from the East' or simply 'Beast' was able to use his huge reach advantage to become the first Russian Heavyweight Champion.

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