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(E) Croatisan Mystical Priest Visits Capital City
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/18/2002 | Religion | Unrated
(E) Croatisan Mystical Priest Visits Capital City


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Local - KCRA
Mystical Priest Visits Capital City
Fri Nov 15,11:21 

A mystical priest from Croatia, who is drawing thousands of Catholic faithful across America, appeared in Sacramento Thursday evening. 

The Rev. Slatko Sudac reportedly has the stigmata -- the wounds of Christ, which is a powerful sign to Catholics. Some believe he can even do miracles. 

Sudac co-hosted a mass inside the auditorium with Bishop Frances Quinn, who was formally the bishop of the Sacramento Diocese. Sudac is a fast rising star in the Catholic Church with an international following. Some critics say his mystical powers are a fraud, but some people believe he's a living saint. 

"The majority of the people come because of what he represents and who he is," said attendee Arlene Cervelli. "I think he is a rare and holy person," said attendee Bill Shaneyfelt. Sudac says he received the stigmata three years ago, bleeding from on his wrists, feet and side. 

"He's very, very deep, and you have to listen because he says things so profound," said follower Phyllis Sadro. 

Admission to the event was $60, which the people gladly paid. 

Sudac does not display his stigmata or other reported abilities, such as levitation or precognition, in public. But his followers have no doubts. 

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Jean Ram)

    Great article of a Holy man. I pray he will return to the U.S. and celebrate masses in New York again!
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