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(E) Maria the Crucified Petkovic - on the way for sanctity
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/25/2003 | Religion | Unrated
(E) Maria the Crucified Petkovic - on the way for sanctity


Marija the Crucified Petkovic

We are all filled up with some unclear feellings while something special indeed going to happen. The day when Holly Father will come to Croatia and Dubrovnik at June 6th whenMarija the Crucified Petkovic will be beatified by himself. Not many generations have opportunity to be a witness of such holly event. This fact also remind us to human values often forgotten, same those values highly grown and shared all over the world by Maria the Crucified Petkovic. 

A paradox case of person who was born in quite rich family, and who left all of that behind how she would able to follow Franciscans modesty makes that person really unique one. 
She established community called "Daughters of Charity" (3rd Franciscans order), spreading widely their activities across the country (ex-Yugoslavia), then across the Europe, Canada and South America. She was always looking for those who needs her help the most, like poor children or hard sick and helpless ones.

We, citizens of Blato, are happy and proud on Maria indeed. At the same time it is great obligation for us keep on making better world, better people, making our hearts filled with more piece and love. 

For those who wish to know more about Marija's life and her work, as well as events related near Holly Father visit and also about building the Maria's shrine, please feel free to visit following pages:   

CROWN related news:
Croatian oil for the Pope, Pope John Paul ll to visit Croatia June 5-9.

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