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(E) I am a seminarian studying to be a priest, looking for parish
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/8/2005 | Religion | Unrated
(E) I am a seminarian studying to be a priest, looking for parish


Antony Sumich studying to be a priest, looking for Parish

Although Mr Saban (New NFL team coach) made a comment
about Bill Belichik (Coach of the N.E. Patriots) &
himself beings Croats, I wonder if Belichik is. The
name is not Croatian, and it would have to be some
sort of a derivative to be so.
Do you know anymore about this?
If so, could you drop me a line please?

On another note. I am a seminarian studying to be a
Catholic priest. I am in a Seminary in Nebraska of all
places (I know, I know), and last year under obedience
from my superiors I had to go looking for benefactors
to help with my tuition. I wrote a letter to the 50
Croatian parishes in the USA and Canada. Unfortunately
I received NO replies! Not even a negative reply.
Actually I was not asking the parishes to support me.
My letter clearly stated that if any individual would
be interested in helping a seminarian of Croatian
descent, then they could contact me. It was a bit sad
actually. I thought that Croatians would be a bit more
polite here in the US. Anyway, just thought I'd tell
the story. Perhaps you have some suggestion for what I
could try?

Keep up the good work, your site is very informative
and helpful.

Bog i Hrvati,
Antony Sumich


Dear Anthony,


I hope that you will get few emails from Croatian priests and as well Croatians around the world.

We should be able to host you either here in New York or anywhere where Croatians live.


Good Luck and feel free to contact me to inform you directly to our religious and community leaders. To CROWN readers: Please feel free to help Anthony in which ever way you can.


I thank you for that,


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