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(E) Dateline NBC To Air A Piece On Medjugorje May 18, 2005
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/10/2005 | Religion | Unrated
(E) Dateline NBC To Air A Piece On Medjugorje May 18, 2005


Dateline NBC To Air A Piece On Medjugorje on Wednesday, May 18

Dateline NBC will air a segment about Miracles on Wednesday, May 18 (John Paul II birthday!), at 8 p.m. (EST). This segment will include a one-hour piece on Medjugorje, with interviews of Ivan, his wife (Laureen), and Artie Boyle (Boston man, father of 13, healed of cancer in Medjugorje). For program times in your area, check Dateline NBC's web page or your local TV guide.

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Established October 30, 1997, Medjugorje USA is a website dedicated to spreading the messages of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary. See the page titled, "Gospa's Messages. Gospa's Messages
Since June of 1981, six children (now grownup) have made claim to visitations of the Blessed Mother. The visionaries are receiving hundreds of messages, which are shared with the world. See the page titled, "Story of Medjugorje." Story of Medjugorje

The visionaries have undergone much testing through the years, yet no teams of experts have been able to disprove their claims of visitations. See the page titled, "Visionaries Medical Research." Visionary Medical Research

Some miraculous events are witnessed by thousands of pilgrims visiting this growing hamlet in Bosnia, while other pilgrims experience a personal interior conversion or deepening of faith. Some pilgrims take pictures which when developed are quite unusual. See the page titled, "Unusual Photos." Unusual Photos

Medjugorje USA first started out as Miracles and Wonder of Medjugorje, as the size of the website increased beyond the bandwidth of its free 5K limit, it was decided to create a virtual domain address and hire a web hosting company. Hence, Medjugorje USA was born.

Information has been added at such a rate that today Medjugorje USA is one of the largest Medjugorje website on the Internet with about 50K of Catholic information. We not only have information on Medjugorje but carry info on other Marian apparitions as well. We also carry traditional devotional pages, and other mixed Catholic information. See the page titled, "Website Map."Medjugorje USA's Website Map

Medjugorje USA is listed with all the major search engines and some search engines say that Medjugorje USA is an "Extensive web site about the apparitions in Medjugorje. Also deals briefly with other well-known and recent Marian apparitions."

I don't believe my humble website is the best but Medjugorje USA is greatly motivated to provide its visitors with a host of useful Catholic information.

At Medjugorje USA we receive thousands of email from all around the world. We do our very best to answer everyone who writes us and will continue answering questions or thoughts our visitors may have. We will continue the unending quest of adding new Catholic information on the website, in hopes that each and every visitor may be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for the glory of God. This we will do in all humility.

Medjugorje USA is owned and operated by Michael Kenneth Jones.

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